Brotherly Art 01  

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Uploaded: 08/08/19 7:07 AM GMT
Brotherly Art 01
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This is the first one of a new series, called 'Brotherly Art'.

A younger brother of mine is very talented when it comes to artistry.

He paints mostly on wooden panels all kind of different subjects by using either monochromatic or various colors of ordinary paint.

I'm struck by his art, so I asked him whether it was a good idea to capture some of his artworks. 'Sure it does", was his confirmative reply, hence this and future photographic contributions.


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08/08/19 7:15 AM GMT
This work of your brother shows that he is very talented Cornelius. With those eyes of the horse it has "become alive" here.
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08/08/19 1:12 PM GMT
A beautiful portrait with lots of emotion coming from it SEA.
I'm glad your brother agree to let you post some of his work.
The color contrasts are stunning. Faved!
It really needs to be viewed full screen to see some of the subtle coloring and textures.
I look forward to more.


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08/08/19 1:29 PM GMT
Oh my I see he is very talented, I look forward to this series Mr. C.
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08/08/19 2:39 PM GMT
This is a fantastic work of art. My compliments to your brother and thank you for this fine shot of his work. Please do share more.
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08/08/19 3:47 PM GMT
Your brothers' art is very impressive, SEA...I really like is quite striking and well done and with the red colored flowers moving from the horse to the foreground, it has something of a 3D look...a fave for me and looking forward to more.
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08/08/19 4:44 PM GMT
Your brother, he's really talented, but I think it's all a matter
of different talents in the familly, Corneliius.
From me also my great compliments to your brother !
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08/08/19 9:28 PM GMT
I too think both brothers are very talented - you through your lens and your brother through his brush - this is quite wonderful and I look forward to this series.
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08/09/19 1:35 AM GMT
Very talented brother you have Cornelius. I look forward to seeing a fellow artist's work. I'm struck with horse drawings lately so this is right down the path. Tell him Good Work for me.
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08/09/19 3:10 PM GMT
Love it, it is very striking.
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08/09/19 8:58 PM GMT
Your brother's art is simply wonderful Cornelius - this is a striking image - I really do admire people who have this talent - looking forward to seeing more og his work:-):-):-):-):-)!!!!!
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