Erbalunga magic cat  

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Uploaded: 09/23/04 1:26 PM GMT
Erbalunga magic cat
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This city has got plenty of stairs, going up and down, so you feel like lost in a maze... but if you are lucky enough, you will come across the magic cat. He will not tell you the way out, but he'll tell you that you feel perfectly good there ! - - - Taken at Erbalunga, Corsica (France).


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09/23/04 4:48 PM GMT
This shot has so much character. I've enjoyed looking at everything full-view. ;)
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There are two ways to spread the light. To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. -Edith Wharton
09/23/04 9:04 PM GMT
At first I swore it was a painting, when I realized that it was a photograph wow I was blown away! Its such a fun and whimsical piece, especially with the amazing colours and the balance of the light. One of my favorites for sure!!
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09/24/04 4:10 AM GMT
A magical photo, too. I like the way the cat's eyes are like smaller versions of the two round windows in the yellow wall. High marks.
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I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work. -- Thomas Edison
09/25/04 2:50 AM GMT
Beautiful architecture, angles and color. The cat waiting to be let in adds softness to it.
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I havn't lost my mind, it's backed up on disk somewhere.....
10/14/04 10:31 AM GMT
NIce photo:-)
Good job;-)
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10/16/04 7:30 PM GMT
This image has something special. I like it :-)
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04/24/05 4:54 PM GMT
Wow - the color, the light, the cat! You have a wonderful composition here. I love your work!
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05/19/05 6:58 PM GMT
Wow! This is a stunning picture! I love it, as I love streets and houses like those (I got my room full of pictures of streets and brightly painted houses). I'm going to put this on my desktop and I'll print it so it can join the others. And I'll put this on my 'what to do in my life'-list.
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06/06/05 7:14 AM GMT
The story makes it. Nice work.
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06/11/05 2:49 PM GMT
I love the old, worn look of all the buildings...nice picture!!! I love the cat!! It looks just like mine.....goes straight to my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 18/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost, for none now live who remember it. -Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring
06/18/05 10:14 PM GMT
What a wonderful composition. The angles and colors all combining with that touch of blue below. This photo has so many stories to tell!
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06/28/05 12:40 AM GMT
beautiful color and clearity. 10/10 and in my faves.
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06/28/05 12:43 AM GMT
I can't tell you how much I love this image.It has color,composition and is so fresh and fun to look at.Well done mon ami!!!
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
08/28/05 5:41 PM GMT
perfectly framed, rich in color and the cat puts it over the top...10.
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04/04/06 2:17 PM GMT
Again, this is not a vast landscape scene but I love it none the less. The soft pastels are soothing to the mind and give off a scent of peace and rest and a downhome french family with the cat on the doorstep waiting to get in. Great capture.
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07/30/08 10:12 AM GMT
Out of all the pics on Caedes,this was,is & will be always my fav.So much so,that someday we plan a trip to Erbalunga ,France.I always wonder what is around the corner.I've printed the pic & it is up on our wall.Blends in nice with our Santa Fe colors on our walls.Love it!!
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