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The city of Bellagio on the banks of Lake Como, Italy. Very beautiful and relaxing.


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07/14/05 5:18 PM GMT
This photograph has got everything that I value and enjoy most in a picture. Lots of interesting things to view, strong colours and good composition. THANKS & CONGRATULATIONS.
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Another Caedes addict and devoted fan.
07/14/05 5:25 PM GMT
Great picture! I'll be going to Italy in August, and seeing a picture like this one makes me even more excited!
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: ) Smile : )
07/14/05 6:27 PM GMT
Beautiful! I love how the path winds and leads your eye through the picture. Nice composition.
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07/14/05 7:35 PM GMT
Soooo pretty.. This is just lovely.. Wish the towns here were this nice looking..
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07/14/05 11:25 PM GMT
Indeed that is pretty! So much character in the towns of Europe...probably because they've been there SO MUCH longer than the ones in the took a lovely photo here..the light is great, the depth of the buildings...the scene in the distance...It all goes together do very well....nice shot!!
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"If we weren't crazy...we would all go insane!" Jimmy Buffett
07/15/05 3:47 PM GMT
I wouldn't want to have a car that could fit that alley! Great shot!
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07/15/05 5:30 PM GMT
Nice shot. Definately gotta go to Italy.
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08/08/05 4:52 PM GMT
11/10. very beautiful.
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08/26/05 1:04 AM GMT
Your composition really makes this work well.
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12/24/05 6:53 PM GMT
Hello Edwin, thank you for the comment on Lucerne. This is a beautiful town as well.

You did a great job of capturing the narrowness of the street in this shot, and the mountain-lake backdrop really makes the image. Great work!
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04/01/06 4:38 AM GMT
Instant favorite. 10/10.
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04/21/06 12:52 AM GMT
Edwin, this is excellent. I love these city scenes of countries that are foreign to me. I would love to live in that place on the right, upsatirs. that balcony is so inviting with it's view and delightful vegatation. The lighting and colors are just perfect and render a most restful, peaceful atmosphere. Thks so much for posting. High marks.
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05/04/06 2:06 PM GMT
Love the colors, contrast, the angle of the shot to include so much..excellent picture. Makes you want to go there or even feel like you are there already.
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06/08/06 11:03 PM GMT
i feel like im right there in italy... i wish i really was .. but this is good enough = )
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06/29/06 2:55 PM GMT

What's crazy is that i took this exact same picture! I was visiting family in Lake Como and we took some friends over to Bellagio for the day for lunch/shopping. It's a beautiful picture-- (much better than the one that i took on my little ole digital!). :)
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06/30/06 12:55 AM GMT
Thank you. It is beautiful :)
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07/14/06 3:09 AM GMT
A very nice well thought out shot, full of character. love it.
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08/29/06 10:57 AM GMT
I've been looking at all your pictures they are absolutely beautiful.
Thank You so much for sharing them.
Take Care and God's Blessing's be upon you.
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11/15/06 3:40 AM GMT
This is the kind of picture I absolutely love! It's so full of interest and life! What a perfect capture of this town, with wonderful clarity, detail, color and composition. Very well done!
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12/27/06 2:04 AM GMT
A truly well done image.vivid, well composed and intersting subject matter......lovely
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05/22/10 7:38 PM GMT
It's the kind of place I enjoy visiting. Well done.
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