Winter farewell  

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Uploaded: 03/04/07 10:34 AM GMT
Winter farewell
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Winter is now in retreat. I am looking forward to some warm spring sunsets...


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03/04/07 10:44 AM GMT
What glorious colourís Ewa. The position of that cloud behind the tree is especially effective.
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03/04/07 10:49 AM GMT
This is breathtaking Ewa!

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03/04/07 11:34 AM GMT
I will keep this till next winter..cos the way the seasons are going..we may not have one?..
Lovely work again from you Ewa!...lets hope for a lovely spring eh!
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03/04/07 12:13 AM GMT
Indeed, very nice colours, it really seems like the winter says goodbye to us (untill next year I hope). I really like this one!
Very very Well done!
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03/04/07 12:22 AM GMT
breathtaking Ewa such a beautiful sunset in a winterscene:))
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03/04/07 2:58 PM GMT
Your photo shows how beautiful winter sunsets can be. Well captured with the snow covered trees in the foreground.
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03/04/07 3:00 PM GMT
Wow Ewa, just beautiful. The colors are spectacular!
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03/04/07 3:48 PM GMT
What a gorgeous sky Ewa with wonderful glowing color. It's a beautiful scene and so glad you shared it.
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Please know that I enjoy your work even though I don't always get to comment. I try to look at (and enjoy) all your new posts and always appreciate the time you take to stop in at my gallery as well. Have a happy day ;) Anita
03/04/07 3:50 PM GMT
Fantastically gorgeous image. I love everything about it, but I am especially intrigued by the ring of light around the small bit of clouds near the sun.
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03/04/07 6:27 PM GMT
The lighting is great and the contrasts are too! You must live near a mountaintop.
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03/04/07 6:38 PM GMT
Oh, this is great! Your shots are not exactly lacking in renown, but this one is brilliant. Tremendous work!
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03/04/07 8:05 PM GMT
I love winters. I'm actually looking forward for next year's winter. Great great shot. Lovely sunset.
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03/04/07 8:15 PM GMT
One of your most wonderful presentations. Lovely. As a photograph it shows all the elements that sepparates it from most. It captured me, my imagination and made me aware of the beauty of all seasons, even the cold that bothers me a little.
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03/04/07 10:23 PM GMT
Absolutely Breathtaken image with Fantastic colors..Stunning
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03/04/07 11:34 PM GMT
Breathtaking work here. The sky the snow on the trees. I will not miss winter one single bit. I live for the birds once again to sing their beautiful toon. Ahh and the smell of the fragrant flowers and they spread their blossoms.
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Your kind words and comments on my work is very much appreciated. Please don't feel like you have to thank me for commenting. Continue capturing the beauty that you have. Tracey
03/05/07 2:01 AM GMT
A most lovely scene Ewa - a dreamy sky and you have composed it so well.
Winter is now on its way to us I guess - not today though - we are experiencing some wonderful late summer weather, although officially autumn. So this is a lovely cooling image for me, thank you.
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03/05/07 2:41 AM GMT
Absolutely stunning scene. The gradient of colour in the sky is marvelous. Personally, I am glad it (winter) is going away ..
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03/05/07 9:32 AM GMT
Wow Ewa, just beautiful. The colors are spectacular!
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No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
03/05/07 8:46 PM GMT
the last snow on the trees, very good capture and superb lights :o))
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03/05/07 11:57 PM GMT
Magnificent sunset landscape. I love the contrast between the warm and cool colours. Very well captured. Winter here is making a rather savage farewell...LOL :)
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03/06/07 6:12 AM GMT
And what a gorgeous farewell this is. Magnificent capture. Dreamy! Artistic!It's a keeper.
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03/06/07 7:12 AM GMT
Seems like a begining of another lovely day.Nice work
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03/07/07 11:21 PM GMT
This is truly a gorgeous winter shot. Straight to my favs and my winter wallpaper slide show!
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03/15/07 3:35 AM GMT
Another lovely image. The sunset is very soft and appealing as are the colors of this image.

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03/16/07 10:06 AM GMT
Spring is almost here. Thanks for this last view of Winter. A beautiful capture.
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03/18/07 8:51 AM GMT
Nice work.
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04/15/07 5:58 AM GMT
Hello Ewa....This is such a wonderful winter scene....Beautiful composition, great color and the touch of glare allows one to sense the changing of the season. Perfect...Well done...All the best...Mick.
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04/19/07 4:38 AM GMT
This is a very good depiction of sky, trees, clouds...the sun paints wonderful oranges...and I missed the snow until I enlarged it...the various sizes of the trees are very have done Nature justice...Bill.
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07/22/07 11:54 AM GMT
Burr, I cold just looking at it. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.
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09/29/09 6:46 AM GMT
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