Rolling on the river  

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Uploaded: 03/06/07 6:53 PM GMT
Rolling on the river
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This shot looks much better vertically.


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03/06/07 7:39 PM GMT
What a ride Ewa. Wish I could be one of them :) Terrific capture with great lighting and excellent composition. Thanks.
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Please know that I enjoy your work even though I don't always get to comment. I try to look at (and enjoy) all your new posts and always appreciate the time you take to stop in at my gallery as well. Have a happy day ;) Anita
03/06/07 8:03 PM GMT
Lovely!...I wish I could pluck up the courage to go on one of these!...the tree line is awesome..very nicely presented
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*You will have noticed that I haven't been commenting as much on your fine images!..This is because of the pains in my hands!..the constant use of the keyboard, makes this, my dear friends..I can only apologise to you all in advance!* Dunstickin's Gallery
03/06/07 8:13 PM GMT
It looks indeed better Ewa, How did you do it like this? I didn't know you could upload this sizes of images!
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Please visit my gallery.
03/06/07 8:15 PM GMT
WONDERFUL LANDSCAPE. Good work, nice composition and presentation. I am glad we will be able to show some of our photographs this way now.
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03/07/07 3:59 AM GMT
Very nice but I just don't think I could get used to this. Maybe if I had a widescreen I would feel differently. Nice work.
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03/07/07 5:42 AM GMT
It certainly draws the attention 'up' doesn't it? I like this perspective for some shots too and this certainly is one of them.
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03/08/07 1:02 AM GMT
Wow, that place looks huuuuuuuuge!!! I'd be afraid I'd get lost! Lol.
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03/08/07 8:55 AM GMT
with this new perspective the picture is much more interesting. Good decision to do this!

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03/10/07 3:16 AM GMT
It does look good this way. Im glad caedes at last removed its restriction.
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03/11/07 7:53 PM GMT
Oh, I think I've been there twice! Isn't it Dunajec Valley near Sokolica, in Poland (photo of Sokolica was also posted here on Caedes)? Wonderful view!
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03/11/07 8:34 PM GMT
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !
03/22/07 10:05 AM GMT
Yes it definitely looks great vertically Ewa, beautiful photo and scene..I'd love to roll down that river sometime:)
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05/02/07 11:35 AM GMT
Ahh ... saw this one in its' previous incarnation, and yes ... most definitely the vertical format shows the expanse and enormity of this wonderful setting. :o)

A perfect balance between the focal anchor of your photographic subjects and the rather impressive, I must say ... and quite scenic to my eyes ... river-side scene.

Add in that backdrop of gorgeous trees ... you must know that I like this one. :o)

(Well ... you should. ;o))

Thank you dear Ewa ... reporter for the Bureau of Mother Natures' Beauty ... I appreciate your talents and efforts.

p.s. No ... no, don't thank me ... serious here. Give yourself a break my dear, or ... better yet, report back to the 'Bureau' with another fine shot. You have your 'assignment.' ;o)
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05/02/07 8:43 PM GMT
Ewa this is wonderous. I admire your eye for a scene so much. This is a marvellous piece. I envy you for being near to such beautiful locations.
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07/09/07 5:15 PM GMT
I absolutely love this shot...I'm so glad you chose to shoot it vertically, because it really shows the vastness of the whole scene. Great job!! Right into the favs!
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