Polish countryside - Zelazowa Wola  

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Uploaded: 05/04/07 6:55 PM GMT
Polish countryside - Zelazowa Wola
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Zelazowa Wola (place of birth of Frederick Chopin) is famous for its picturesque willow trees.


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05/04/07 7:26 PM GMT
lovely trees, taken from a very good angle, well done Ewa :o)
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05/04/07 11:05 PM GMT
Everything is reaching for the heavens. What a lovely post Ewa and very nicely composed.
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After a bit of an absence, partly vacation but mostly tax season...busy for bookkeeping businesses... I'm glad to be back out here with at least 'some' regularity. I've missed everyone and am glad to have a little more time again.
05/04/07 11:58 PM GMT
Nice Photo Ewa. Love the low angle at which you shot this. Good Work !

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05/05/07 2:21 AM GMT
Nicely composed, and not only are the trees great to look at, but the field with the flowers and the tall grasses are wonderful as well.


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05/05/07 3:45 AM GMT
This is a lovely composition, and a treat for my green-starved eyes.
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05/05/07 4:29 AM GMT
What a beautiful scene with such excellent DOF. I think I'll put on some Chopin while enjoying this!
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05/05/07 6:11 AM GMT
This is beautiful! I know quite a bit about trees and I'm not real sure what kind these are. It is a very lovely photo my friend!

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Peace, Love, and Understanding Always, Nessa
05/05/07 6:29 AM GMT
This was worth the wait from you!'s not very often you post these days!..but when you do, WOW! come up with some Cracker's!....Beautiful meadow shot..
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*You will have noticed that I haven't been commenting as much on your fine images!..This is because of the pains in my hands!..the constant use of the keyboard, makes this, my dear friends..I can only apologise to you all in advance!* Dunstickin's Gallery
05/05/07 6:44 AM GMT
Such a beautifully tranquil and soft photo! I imagine it was pure pleasure to look upon this scene. Thank you so much. Verena
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05/05/07 8:06 AM GMT
a beautiful capture Ewa - the composition is excellent with the trees graduating down from the left - and those wild flowers in the foreground are really pretty too! I am wondering what it would look like if you got so low down that there were some flowers right in the foreground. Just my mind working overtime as it does! lol! excellent capture though and +fav.
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05/05/07 8:39 AM GMT
What a gorgeous shot! It looks like it was a sublime day to be out taking pics!!
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05/05/07 11:44 AM GMT
What a Lovely scene..Superb shot.Beautiful colors..
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05/05/07 1:01 PM GMT
Great image Ewa, good composition, and colours, I like the white above the trees that seems to go to just one point in the right corner of the image.
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05/06/07 1:05 AM GMT
And a beautiful place it is! Wonderful perspective on that line of trees and the colors are so vivid. A beautiful spring shot.
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05/06/07 4:19 PM GMT
Thanks! Very good composition and mood!
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05/06/07 6:52 PM GMT
I can just imagine you there, laying in the grass, looking up into the sky, until you realise that this might just make a great photograph.
Yes, very nice.
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
05/13/07 2:44 PM GMT
Beautiful countryside. Looks like a great place to visit. A very lovely image.
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05/14/07 2:26 AM GMT
Nice trees. I am very like it
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07/03/07 2:35 AM GMT
Wow, now that is beautiful! Great photo dear. By the way, is that your baby on picture profile? Very cute.
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"A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose."
05/26/08 10:54 PM GMT
Typowe polskie wierzby , uwielbiam je:))Przepiekne zdjecie!!
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