Fract Back Retro  

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Fract Back Retro
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Retro fractals! Look, there's a place for your icons (Windows only).


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
I love this. Thank you!!

-Zhe Li

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04/04/02 10:04 AM GMT
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04/05/03 7:54 AM GMT
What a great name for this piece!I like the subtle hue of green within it, it allows a depth without overkilling the piece.
Two thumbs up!!
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08/20/03 7:24 PM GMT
Nice image...Stupid title.
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You better pray to God there's some Thorzine in that bag.
12/30/03 8:10 PM GMT
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03/08/04 4:48 AM GMT
Great desktop for organizing!
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03/22/04 9:51 PM GMT
nice clean design, another great one!
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03/30/04 4:29 PM GMT
Excellent for desktop backgrounds. Oops thats what bjb said.
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I have no sig... wait! i guess i do!
10/08/04 2:37 PM GMT
one of my favs...ta
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04/10/05 8:39 PM GMT
Very nice. You have a talent of making simple things special. Great job. 10/10 and into favorites! :D
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A lot of great photos are taken by mistake, then found. Don't give up on a failure. "Don't give up on ten failures. Time to give up on fifty failures." Smile. The world needs it and so do you. :)
07/17/06 10:37 AM GMT
Nice .. makes a great desktop. Thanks and into my faves. (I try to keep my icons under control and a single column so perfect)
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01/30/07 6:51 PM GMT
I love it! Thanks
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03/10/07 3:26 AM GMT
I don't usually like frames, but these seem part of the image. This is a nice, simple and elegant design. I like the complementary subdued colours and the contrast between the rigid geometry of the framing lines and the wild chaos of the fractal designs.

But what's with this "Windows only" rubbish?

Maybe it can only be _made_ in Windows? (Don't know - what did you use?)

- cfr
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