Fractal 005  

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Fractal 005
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A self-overlay of a previous fractal


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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
how did it make?please tell me more about fractals and how can I make fractal? thank you.


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01/27/03 2:47 AM GMT
Doooode! You absolutely MUST start including info on what functions are used, what program for the rendition, what kind of post-operative treatment they're getting. I've never seen anything like that before, and I got pretty deep into it (for a non-mathematician) for a while. NICE!!!
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01/27/03 6:23 AM GMT
I'm glad to see someone this enthusiastic about fractals. =) One problem that I have with including such info is that I made them so long ago that I can remember. I do know that this was made in fractint and then heavily modified in Photoshop. So it's not really a 'pure' fractal, but it started out as one.
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02/01/03 2:10 AM GMT
thx. "fractint" huh...
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05/02/03 2:53 AM GMT
I dunno it's intense, but it looks too blury. I don't know if you purpously used a blur filter or what; but i disagree with the blur.
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08/28/03 2:06 AM GMT
Looks cool. I like it as an image, but it is too busy for a really good background.
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10/27/03 4:40 AM GMT
wow thats cool, if you stare at the center for awhile it looks like parts of the pic are moving...wierd
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10/29/03 10:07 PM GMT
I love it!
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12/30/03 1:13 AM GMT
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01/10/04 1:33 AM GMT
Wow I love it
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02/13/04 8:10 AM GMT
freakin crazy! i love it!
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02/28/04 1:22 PM GMT
oh i don't care if it's pure. it still shares the resemblance and dude you've made it look mint.
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I won't take no for an answer I was born to be a dancer now Anyone who feels the rhythm through 'em Knows it's gonna do 'em good To let the music burst out!
03/27/04 8:27 PM GMT
It seems human blood cells.
Very good work.
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Look around and catch it !
06/24/04 9:24 AM GMT
looks like tie-dye to me..very nice.
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09/09/04 6:01 AM GMT
It looks like an aerial photo of gardens and rivers and islands.
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09/15/04 3:47 PM GMT
i love the colors.. its almost paisley, but not. it rocks
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every day i find something new and interesting.. today is no different
12/14/04 7:17 PM GMT
lolz none of the images that we create are "Real" fractals, but pretty dang good imitations of them.

Harold: You don't need to know anything about math to make fractals like these :)

Like this one, interesting color use.
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"The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it." -Chinese Proverb
03/09/05 5:07 PM GMT
Not bad! I could not have done better!
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04/09/05 1:55 AM GMT
The texture in this one is appealing on the desktop! It keeps it from being too bright.
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I'm walking on sunshine! AcrossTheWorld
04/09/05 2:42 AM GMT
Woah... Weed Trip
Cool it looks foresty or like a weather report
I like the colors you used in it as well. 8/10
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~Freedom is War
09/23/05 11:40 PM GMT
I love this... looks awesome :). I'm looking for backdrops with these designs.. cant seem to find them :(.

Good job :)
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04/01/06 6:55 AM GMT
it almost looks like a Lansat image, with a topography map overlayed.. then run thru the photoshop blender.. very interesting..

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07/10/06 4:45 AM GMT
Holy 60's Batman! It looks like a topographic map on acid!
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08/17/06 12:54 AM GMT
oh wow, great image.
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12/24/06 9:52 PM GMT
It almost looks like a cluster of volcanic pools..! Beautiful!
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me & phasmid are re-lated!!!
03/10/07 3:05 AM GMT
Was it layered in fractint or PS? It's a nice effect though it does look a bit blurry. Maybe that's deliberate or an effect of the layering? Doesn't seem likely to be a fractint effect unless you scaled up...

It reminds me of an aerial view of a coastline. An alien coastline, for sure, but still a coastline. Rather neat. (Wouldn't be now, but I'm assuming this was a while back as I can't exactly find many users of (x)fractint now. Would like to know them if they exist, though!)

- cfr
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06/24/07 11:22 AM GMT
~found on FI and had to comment~

How did I miss this krazy kool work!! Radical retro feel mista!!

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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
12/18/08 7:27 AM GMT
looks like a watermelon nebula. lol
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