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Uploaded: 10/15/08 7:53 PM GMT
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Another possible "marble" for "Marblicious"... I'll get to the remake once I have time. Well, hope you guys like this and thanks for all the comments!


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10/15/08 8:12 PM GMT
A dish in a dish in a dish in a dish in a dish. Or it's an extremely cool fractal. Excellent job.
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10/15/08 10:18 PM GMT
Another creative piece here and I like the repition going on. As the sphere get`s larger though it seems to develope a bit of noise. I`m kinda guessing your using Apophysis and then a some post work on this? A way to smooth it out would have been to check the postprocess bit then after the renders finished save then increase the filter radius and save a different points. I`m hoping this makes sense and no offence is intentended on your work as I really like the image and think you`ve done a great job!

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10/18/08 4:40 AM GMT
Don't really know a whole lot about fractal images, but i like it. Very creative.
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10/18/08 5:20 PM GMT
Spheriously though, it's been several years since my last trip. Spheriously. Would love to see another Marbliciousesque contraptionism. Good day.
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10/19/08 2:28 AM GMT
awesome color and great design:)
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