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Broken pieces of Ice


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08/05/07 3:51 AM GMT
A very cool texture. :) Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun. Nice job.
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08/05/07 7:28 AM GMT
Excellent and innovative idea; in terms of sheer artistry this gets high marks for imaginativeness! (IMHO). I would suggest that the image is sharpened a bit to bring out the angular edges of the ice pieces, and the contrast increased to accentuate the pieces from the background.
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08/05/07 6:36 PM GMT
Nice texture and composition on this.. It has alot going on with plenty of balance. I'm on my way out to hunt for textures. It's a new thing for me.
Thanks for sharring.
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08/06/07 3:11 AM GMT
Very unique. I love the ideas everyone has typed. I just like the look of it on my desktop. :)
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Angelle "To shape the world, you must become part of that world."
08/07/07 4:19 AM GMT
Very cool! Pun not intended.
You've inpsired to me look at things in a different way.
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05/04/12 10:19 PM GMT
Brrr! That's cool alright!
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