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07/27/08 2:29 AM GMT
It must be a very colorful night around here! what a supernova! Beautiful Gabriela, just beautiful!
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Beware my foolish heart
07/27/08 2:35 AM GMT
That is fabulous, Gabriela. You are one great space expert and this in not only looking real, but looking quite beautiful. So nice.
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"Take it upon yourselves to be more forthright in your comments"* *Les (&purmusic)
07/27/08 2:46 AM GMT
Excellent Creation Gabriela. sandi♥
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
07/27/08 3:01 AM GMT
This is really gorgeous. It looks like a movie scene. super work, Gabriela.

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07/27/08 3:10 AM GMT
I have never seen one Gabi but this is what I would envision it would look like. Great creation.

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I'll meet you at the edge of the sunlight, just behind the shadows. The Ghost
07/27/08 4:13 AM GMT
Very nicely done with very good colors.
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07/27/08 5:24 AM GMT
Pyrotechnics way out in space... This one's really hot! I can't imagine the scale of a supernova but this is close to what it would probably look like.
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"If I dream I shall be real, or really myself..." Robert Penn Warren
07/27/08 6:58 AM GMT
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07/27/08 10:31 AM GMT
Wow!!! This is something else and all the more powerful for the 'panorama' treatment you've given it. Looking at it on a hot day like today practically makes me want to pass out with heat stroke. This is really powerful Gaby, one of your best yet I reckon. Faved!
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"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others merely a green thing which stands in the way." William Blake
07/27/08 12:14 AM GMT
Excellent Work on Creating This.
Thanks for sharing.


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07/27/08 12:54 AM GMT
Wow!Excellent work!
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07/27/08 1:51 PM GMT
Wow! Excellent work yet again! Now let us make haste to move on in our space journey, me thinks ones tail feathers are about to get toasted! ;o) Very well done!

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“Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you” - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
07/27/08 7:55 PM GMT
That's COOL!!!
That planet is Toast!!!
Really nice composition.
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07/27/08 8:27 PM GMT
GORGEOUS! Really hope there is no lifeforms on that planet.
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Angelle "I aim to Misbehave." Malcom Reynolds...Serenity
07/28/08 12:03 AM GMT
Incredible. :-) I particularly like those flames.
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07/28/08 7:32 PM GMT
Really great work! I like the starfields in the background.
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07/28/08 9:32 PM GMT
That is absolutely amazing! Ya got it goin' on.
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I was sad because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet... so I says to him, "Hey brother, ya wanna sell those shoes?"
07/29/08 1:31 PM GMT
Goodness gracious great balls of fire

I hope this is a very long distance view Gabriela, & we've got the ships speed set to at least warp drive 3 !!
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Big brother's watching you :o) A mistreated dog should try to leave a deposit on their masters best carpet, after all it's important to establish who's boss ... Welcome to the last resort. :o)
07/31/08 9:34 AM GMT
Quintuple Kudos!!! Masterful artisry went into creating this one...Saved and faved!
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"Who says the music's dead in the street?...Don't know what they talk about...I like my music wakin' up the dead...Don't tell me to turn it down!!!" - Motley Crue ... Visit Jhihmoac's Gallery
08/03/08 2:17 PM GMT
Great one love the colors and detail.
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08/06/08 11:51 AM GMT
Fabulous work, Gabriela. The C-Index is way off beam here.
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I much appreciate all the comments I receive about my images, but please excuse me if I don't always reply. My interest in Caedes is exceeding my time available!
08/08/08 3:29 AM GMT
Excellent image. Nice work.
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“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man” - Benjamin Franklin
08/13/08 2:52 AM GMT
Supercalafragalisticexpialladociously antediluvian I would say.

My kind regards,


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No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
12/07/08 1:15 AM GMT
Love this one.... have you seen my planetary explosion?
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live and let live

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