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Uploaded: 03/15/04 4:06 PM GMT
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alternative colour scheme from original... menu as a free floating window with the pages below on the second window.. along with an internal scroll bar.


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03/15/04 8:06 PM GMT
I like this one - I take it the edges are bits of the spider? I am not madly keen on the font though. I think simple is better with site design. On Caedes, I think the images themselves need to be the focus.

I do quite like the layout here though
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03/15/04 8:09 PM GMT
thanks CH..the edging is indeed the spider-logo carefully manipulated :D fonts are easy enough to fix... :D
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03/16/04 10:48 PM GMT
This is the most artistic one here so far - great attempt.
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03/17/04 4:56 AM GMT
Ekk.....purple/pink.... ekk, tho a good design.
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