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Uploaded: 05/20/05 8:57 AM GMT
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Illustrator to Photoshop.


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05/20/05 11:47 AM GMT
Another incredibly funky piece of work groo. I think it'll take a while to find all the images in there.
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'Study the past, if you would divine the future.' - Confucius ................. Pieces to Ponder : Hangover, Glowball Extreme
05/20/05 1:14 PM GMT
I do like this... Great design... Idefinately will spend some time looking at this one..
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05/20/05 1:36 PM GMT
Your work always blows me away. And this one's blue, too. :) Thank you for sharing!
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05/20/05 4:33 PM GMT
Beautiful work.Well done,Rob.
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Carpe diem....
05/20/05 10:57 PM GMT
Very nice, I love the detail and the color. Looks like the mythical Phoenix.
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Capturing for infinity that which only lasts for a short time.
05/21/05 1:41 AM GMT
And I see a face in the lower half with an elaborate head dress. These are always so intricate you could get lost in the maze.
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05/21/05 3:57 PM GMT
Great detail - good work as always. I'm impressed how you produce these excellent pieces.
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"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts." Bertrand Russell
05/21/05 4:35 PM GMT
always love your work. very nice i think this is more detailed than all of your other designs.
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"There are things that we usually do not see, do not look at. Sometimes you need someone to show you the beauty of these 'ugly' everyday things." - Martijn Oostra
05/24/05 7:06 PM GMT
hey really good picture
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05/28/05 6:15 PM GMT
Very nice!! 10/10 and into favs and also my new background!
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06/04/05 5:49 PM GMT
great color, great design. Hmm...I seem to have said this about all your art lol! Thanks for sharing.
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06/23/05 9:40 PM GMT in the world did I miss this one.....I love it. You've got a great style that I admire. So much so that the huge project that I'm working on now is kind of in that style. Thanks for inspiration. ; )
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06/24/05 12:37 AM GMT
I love every single one of your pieces of art, Groo.

I'm just waiting for a black background of tiger/dragon/anything cool.

Hook a brother up!
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06/24/05 7:37 PM GMT
That is just cool, did you draw it by hand and then use photoshop? 10 and into favorites.
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07/11/05 3:20 AM GMT
Amazing! Do you do these by hand or all computer? 10/10!
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"What is your life? You are a dust that appears for a little while and then vanishes." James 4:14
07/29/05 7:48 PM GMT
Did you do this by hand? This is really good! This made my favorites.
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08/04/05 10:34 AM GMT
Another great design its going to take me ages to find all the images in there
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09/11/05 12:59 AM GMT
Very nice! I do like this and the blue! Good illustration work you did here, Illustrator is a program right? Nice job on this and this is going into my favorites!
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09/23/05 3:15 PM GMT
Beautiful work, I like the colors here, cause I like blue! The image is very nice, the illustration is very nice and perfect wallpaper, I forgot what it was, their was a filter in I think Gimp or Photoshop, it adds like a texture to these types of images, just in case you ever wanted to know, nice work! 10
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02/25/06 3:54 PM GMT
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Fat People are Hard to Kidnap
04/30/06 12:34 AM GMT
The above comment sais it about as succinctly as it can be put. Like so many of your designs, this really hits the spot. A wonderfully detailed symphony of shapes and textures culminating into a powerful, informative whole. Great job.
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The only difference between me and a crazy man is I'm not crazy. -Salvadore Dali
10/18/06 1:21 AM GMT
so many different pics in one great work of art ,many hours will be spent trying to find all
of the images. It's perfect
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life is andventure ,live it to ts full potential,do not it slip away
10/29/06 7:10 PM GMT
So cool
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12/04/06 2:42 AM GMT
Dude this is awesome. The design it self is amazing.
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02/10/07 12:54 AM GMT
haha looks like a kewl tatoo! great job
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When I got tired of running from you I stopped right there to catch my breath There your words they caught my ears You said, “I miss you son. Come home” -Relient K
05/16/07 1:45 AM GMT
Another terrific job.

- cfr
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08/28/08 5:31 PM GMT
Wow! I think I love you!
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01/28/09 6:37 PM GMT
I like this one a lot. It looks like a bird, no wait a moose head, no wait there's a wizard with a halo, no wait it's an alien with a spikey mouth like the predator, no wait, it's just great.
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