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At the top of Mt. Taishan in Northern China (nearer to Beijing). We climbed to the top, where it was really cold and misty. It was like the town emerged from an abyss as I walked around.


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09/07/03 4:24 AM GMT
Very cool picture, very nice =)
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09/23/03 3:57 AM GMT
Very surreal - especially because there's no people around. Great shot!
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11/01/03 4:44 AM GMT
Excellent photo! Makes me wish to see China again.
In 1994 while in China, I hiked the small mountain above the town Dali to get to the temple up there. The only way up was by footpath. Many steps! :-) The compound looked similar to ths photo. (buildings forming a perimeter around a courtyard.)
Thanks for putting up this picture, it brought back good memories for me.
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12/24/03 6:50 AM GMT
The mist captures the mystical qualities of the Orient nicely. :)
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01/28/04 6:07 PM GMT
beautiful...the mist...
great photo
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02/12/04 10:35 PM GMT
A good example from the Orient.
Good job.
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Look around and catch it !
03/22/04 1:49 AM GMT
Absolutly beautiful. Lots of room for imagination.
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04/17/04 7:09 PM GMT
amazing ... looks like a dream
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07/03/04 7:43 AM GMT
so mystical...
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"Can't sleep, clown will eat me... Can't sleep, clown will eat me... "
09/09/04 10:27 AM GMT
10/10 and in my favorites. A very nice shot with a sort of mystical quality about it.
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In a mad world only the mad are sane -Akira Kurosawa
09/21/04 1:06 PM GMT
Awesome pic. I feel like I'm there!
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"Better a fantastic image of something uninteresting than a bad image of something great!"
11/03/04 4:03 AM GMT
fantastic picture this is great.

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09/24/05 12:30 AM GMT
One of the first photos I found at this site and I'm happy to run across it again. It has a beautiful surreal silence and you can almost taste the cold, misty morning. Very magical.
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10/04/06 6:17 PM GMT
Awesome good picture of traditional China, thanks for posting it.
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10/04/06 6:24 PM GMT
It makes me feel like I'm looking into a martial arts movie. You expect the camera to pan out a little more and see a ninja, all in black, perched just atop the wall there. I like it very much. Even though it's misty, it still has some depth and sharpness to it. I like it very much. I downloaded it, and now into my favorites. Great Job. Keep up the good work!

(P.S. Take a look at my gallery if you get the chance. Any comments or suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Have a great day!)
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Beauty is by design. In nature, and all things.
08/12/07 7:16 PM GMT
Culturific! Ha-ha. Seriously, I expect a wise, elder ruler to pace outdoors momentarily and gaze around at the ghostly conditions around him, shrug acceptingly, and return inside for a cuppa tea. This shot has so much feeling in it, especially since it's like I'm looking at a memory through someone's mind. Well done.
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The other day I fell of the face of the earth... they have nice pizza there...

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