Morning Boats  

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Uploaded: 07/05/09 7:50 PM GMT
Morning Boats
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A line of boats docked in San Francisco. I found the scene's simple harmony to be stunning.


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07/05/09 8:59 PM GMT
Absolutely gorgeous. I love that line of boats. The sky is awesome, also, and it's a good thing the boats are docked and not out in the bay just waiting to get caught in a storm. Was this taken out near Fisherman's Wharf?

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07/05/09 9:59 PM GMT
Thank you. Yes, it was taken very near to there; I can't remember the exact location, however.
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07/07/09 1:05 PM GMT
What a wonderful shot of many colored boats all lined up along the wharf...Very impressive!

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07/08/09 1:08 AM GMT
I swear the Chamber of Commerce must pay the fishermen to keep those boats in tip-top paint and trim! A very nice exposure, particularly with the cloudy sky that accents the masts sticking up high. Everything leads the eye from the right to the left in a very pleasing way and those reflections of the boat prows really put the icing on the cake.
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07/11/09 10:48 AM GMT
Woowoowoowoowooh! Great color tones and so classic look. I like your composition too. Keep up!
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07/12/09 11:23 PM GMT
A great looking shot. The clarity and composition are perfect.


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