Rainy Day In Bruges  

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Uploaded: 01/17/07 8:12 PM GMT
Rainy Day In Bruges
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Another photo taken in Bruges, august 2006


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01/17/07 10:17 PM GMT
Nicely done.

Wonderful colours to this one. And well composed. Caught my eye immediately in the voting booth.

Caveats? Hmm ... minor at best ... I think you could have cropped the foreground a tad more.That gorgeous lawn would be where I would crop to and leave out the stone facing/wall. Just a thought and a suggestion, no more.

Make no mistake I do like this ... quite a bit. It has a nice mood and atmosphere and I love that tree. Add in the great contrasting textures ... yeah, very nice.

Thanks for sharing this one. It provided a nice salve to a battered winter psyche.
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01/18/07 2:47 AM GMT
ditto DITTO
++++ I love it exactly as it is now !
[I must run and that is why I make it so brief]
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
01/23/07 11:10 PM GMT
I like this one.

I always like pictures with a lot of stone and grass and greenery, especially on overcast days. Reminds me of home.
It is a very well done picture. The only thing I can think of, is that it might look better if you took the whole thing up just a couple of notches, and left out the black area at the bottom. When I first looked at it, I thought maybe it was an unfinished border until I opened it up bigger.
But all in all I like it. The contrast is great, the colors are vibrant but soft, and the detail is good. Keep it up!
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01/23/07 11:19 PM GMT
Neat-o structures and gorgeous greens in the foreground!! The upper part seems disturbed..was the sky to bright and you maybe played with it using an editor? Just curious. The swans are super sweet and really add some nice value to this great capture!!
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Picture Purrrfect . You never see advertisements for string…they make string, yet you never see a commercial for string!!
01/23/07 11:58 PM GMT
A place with a look back in time. I like the way you focused on this image. Nicely done!
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A warm welcome from West Virginia from an old friend on this site!
01/24/07 5:43 PM GMT
Lovely colors in the old buildings and the gracefulness of the swans is complemented by the gracefullness of the willow hanging above the water. A very serene scene.
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01/28/07 10:50 PM GMT
this makes you feel as if you are in a whole other noise, internet, cell phones, cities...just God.
i love it !! ♥ Hannah
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01/31/07 2:32 AM GMT
What a wonderful picture, I really enjoyed viewing it and it will make a great Desktop. Thanks for sharing!
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04/10/07 8:29 PM GMT
Un amour de photo, l'atmosphere est mystico-serene et la presence des cygnes ajoute une touche de grace. Merci. Thanks for sharing.
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