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Uploaded: 05/16/07 8:52 PM GMT
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Another Misumena shot that I wanted to upload before but never got around doing it. Hope you like it!


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05/16/07 9:10 PM GMT
Yes, I like it very much. Wonderful clarity and color.

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05/16/07 9:11 PM GMT
These spiders look so femanine! I love them! Great photo dear. Another favorite indeed!
Peace and understanding always,
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05/16/07 9:15 PM GMT
Fabulous shot, so perfectly clear. I don't think I have ever noticed a white spider like that before, thanks for sharing.
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05/16/07 9:25 PM GMT
Pretty picture! Good details! Well done!
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05/16/07 9:31 PM GMT
Hey Jess,
What a pretty spider you have there, hanging in for you,
Camouflage, as in nature's beauty,
The masks me put on,
The power to hide,
The beautiful thing, called makeup,
I like it a lot,
Especially those colors, the details in the flower, the deep blue sky,
Lovely done,

Thanks for sharing
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If you look too closely, you aren't looking at a photograph anymore - General observation
05/16/07 9:45 PM GMT
You had this beauty just lying around somewhere? lol
It's a wonderful capture Jess,perfect clarity of detail and just a very good macro all around:)
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05/16/07 10:32 PM GMT
That's incredible! Wow. Fantastic.
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"There are no rules and regulations for perfect composition. If there were we would be able to put all the information into a computer and would come out with a masterpiece. We know that's impossible. You have to compose by the seat of your pants." -Arnold Newman
05/17/07 3:19 AM GMT
First of all I want to tell you that I think this is an amazing and outstanding photo. Secondly, I have to tell you that when I saw the butt on that spider, all I could see was a Mr. Potato Head!!!! me giggling and I still can't stop::LOL::


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"You may forget. But let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us."
05/17/07 7:30 AM GMT
I like the colours, how they change from the light blue to the yellow and orange of the shadows. Great shot.
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05/17/07 8:49 AM GMT
How wonderful, and an amzing this is!
Nature creates his own beauty, and when you'll see
that,and show it to others, you are a great artist!
My compliments for this one, Jess!
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MY PHOTOGRAFIC VISION... I am not an artist, I only let you see with my eyes...!
05/17/07 1:21 PM GMT
Wow! This is stunning!! Awesome detail, color and angle...perfection achieved here!
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05/17/07 9:41 PM GMT
Great shot Jess! The whites are so pure here and create a great contrast with the sky. The shadows and light are working very well together as well :)
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05/19/07 9:06 PM GMT
WOW that is one fabulous shot.
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You do not have to thank me if I leave a comment on your image...unless you really want to. ..It is my pleasure to comment on your beautiful work.
05/20/07 6:35 PM GMT
Fabulous shot, well done
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"What doesn't kill us makes us stronger" - Friedrich Nietzsche
05/21/07 9:33 AM GMT
I suppose this is one of your Misumena Trio captures? I love this full-size image Jess! Very nice detail, great colors. Well done :-)

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05/21/07 9:08 PM GMT
Very cool!!!
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05/24/07 7:19 PM GMT
wow, the spider and the flower are meant to be, beautiful!
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06/29/07 7:50 AM GMT
First time I get to see your gallery:
Very talented and professional!!
Small cameras seem to make good shots :o)
I make my photographs with a canon ixus 55.
Sunny greets from Austria
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09/22/07 4:34 AM GMT
The blue sky, the white flower and the ballet-dancing spider make your shot a great one: congratulations and thanks for sharing it.
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02/20/08 3:49 PM GMT
You have so many great pictures of flowers in your gallery and it was very hard to choose one to comment on but this one is my favorite! I love the blue in the sky and the clarity of the flower and the spider in the picture! Great job!

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