Young Lion  

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Young Lion
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This is a picture of me wearing my dad's hat, I was a little younger here, about 3 or 4. Only had 2 teeth if you look close. ROFL I am posting this to use on my home page, no comments are necessary. I wonder what happened to me ?? LOL and I would also like to thank my good mate Owd Bob for taking a very old time worn photo and making it look good, considering the subject matter. :) Thanks Bob. John


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02/20/08 11:37 PM GMT
awwwwwwwww I would have recognised you too John! What a little cutie! lol! such a sweet photo - and Bob did a good job whatever he did!!
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02/20/08 11:43 PM GMT
OMG, you were one cute little dude. You're still cute, but just a mite bigger. Thanks for sharing this one, John!
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Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care.
02/21/08 12:00 AM GMT
Aww how cute are you :)
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02/21/08 12:18 AM GMT
Whadda stud!! Hehehe!!

You handsome devil you!! WHAT happened??

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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
02/21/08 12:35 AM GMT were a cute kid...what happened? They had cameras then too. Is this a self portrait? Nice job no matter.
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02/21/08 12:42 AM GMT
Such a cutie John, Love it and whatever Bob did he did a good job. Looks great. Love that big hat! sandi ♪ ♫ ♪
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
02/21/08 1:07 AM GMT
An Artist in the making!So Cute
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02/21/08 1:27 AM GMT
You're just tooooo adorable Johnny! But you look like you could have been a little shit
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Life is the pits sometimes, but God and your friends are always there to help you through it.
02/21/08 1:31 AM GMT
OK. Now where are Spanky and Alfalfa?
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Imagine you are there
02/21/08 2:01 AM GMT
LMAO, it looks like you were hit with an ugly stick a whole bunch of times. No wounder you have so many

sorry you left yourself open for that, besides I could not there lol

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02/21/08 3:35 AM GMT
What a cutie you were John ~ love that hat & I can tell by looking at your eyes you had quite an imagination at a very young age. Bob did a wonderful job restoring the image. Thank you for sharing ~ Hugs!
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02/21/08 4:14 AM GMT
You are just the cutest thing. I love the hat. You must have had a proud papa lion.
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Angelle "because reality isn't nearly as fun."
02/21/08 5:05 AM GMT
You were cute and Bob did a great job. :)
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02/21/08 7:41 AM GMT
Such a cute little boy :-). You look as you are having fun posing for the camera and the hat is gorgeous. Bob did a great job here. Thank´s for sharing!
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02/21/08 7:55 AM GMT
Don't forget mate....I seen this when you was an 'ugly son of a Coon'!!!

It was a pleasure to work on you?...
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02/21/08 8:54 AM GMT
Great shot and work of you. You?
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02/21/08 11:58 AM GMT
I love these old photos - sorry, photos from earlier days
Love the hat and you were quite the cutie :)
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
02/21/08 2:45 PM GMT
I agree LynEve:Love that hat..Great shot and work..
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02/22/08 1:44 AM GMT
I know what happened to grew that great mane and had your hair done and got picked to be the lion on the Wizard of what's wrong with that?

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"Where there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see." ~Dorothea Lange
02/22/08 2:31 PM GMT
I love old photos... especially ones from little cute children!
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02/22/08 4:42 PM GMT
the photo part is cute, the gray gradient doesn't really fit, should be sepia as well at the least.
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02/23/08 3:12 AM GMT
What a little sweetie you were! (Still are, in my book"
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02/23/08 3:45 AM GMT
Haven't changed too much, Sweetness. Your clothes are a little dated though. lol Where is the home page you speak of?
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02/27/08 1:13 PM GMT
Love this, its sooo cute!! well done to bob for doing whatever he did with it too!!
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02/28/08 4:32 AM GMT
This is precious. Who took this? A great image.
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02/28/08 4:48 PM GMT
That is so cute! Now let's see a current shot! Owd Bob did a good job on this, too.
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03/03/08 2:14 AM GMT
So adorable! :)
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03/09/08 9:51 PM GMT
Yeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



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06/13/08 3:13 AM GMT
What a cute little young lion you are! ;0) Carrie
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"God is my only hope and the source of my joy." Henri Nouwen
02/07/09 10:56 PM GMT
the sweetest lion I have ever seen ...!!!!
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
07/09/09 6:30 PM GMT
this one really put a smile on my face!
Thanks for sharing!
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11/09/09 1:56 PM GMT
Very's you!
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02/13/10 2:16 AM GMT
Look at those luscious eyes!! I bet you still have them just as beautiful as they are here! Eyes don't change...they just get older and wiser and have more fun!! Then they sparkle...with years of experience! And those sweetie-pie lips too! Sure would love to see how you turned out to be such a rrrrrrrrrroaring lion now....((((john)))) Verena
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04/28/10 12:51 AM GMT

So cuuuuuttteee! Now I found you ! lol :-)
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Susie Sun
08/02/10 8:37 PM GMT
Cute lil chap aint ya....
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