The Big Swirl  

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Uploaded: 03/30/09 8:14 PM GMT
The Big Swirl
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Be my last post for a bit. I have the new version of the Incendia program now, plus bryce I'm going to spend a week or so trying to learn the programs. They are kinda odd to me but I may catch on. LOL I'll be around and I have some apo. already done so you never know. :) Thanks for the's just a swirl. :) J


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03/30/09 8:37 PM GMT
Absolutely Amazing Swirl..Beautiful colors and design.Fantastic work.
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03/30/09 9:10 PM GMT
As you said...
It's just a swirl...
Like a girl...
That I married some 40+ years ago.
(And still as always) Very appealing to me! :o)

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03/30/09 9:49 PM GMT
Super smooth swirl sir! I can`t get my head round Bryce at all and I`ve had it for years.... I can just about do a decent sky

Ian :)
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03/30/09 10:07 PM GMT
Faved this perfect work of art John. Extreme and beautiful. I bet you will catch on quickly and do some fantastic stuff with those programs, I'm looking forward to those postings.
=^..^= sandi ♪
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
03/30/09 10:12 PM GMT
Gorgeous job and already downloaded it John. I'm sure you'll do great with the new programs because your amazing at this. Can't wait to see those postings my good friend.
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Beautiful day sunny here today but still blow freezing.
03/30/09 10:54 PM GMT
Sweet swishin 'n' swirls sir!!

Good luck on the new programs!! I think I forgot how to Apop to the owd drawin' board!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
03/30/09 11:03 PM GMT
So pretty and colorful. Be looking forward to the new stuff.
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Angelle "Sometimes you just need to stop, breathe deep, and scream. Trust me, it helps."
03/31/09 12:02 AM GMT
Bitch!!LOL Good luck and we'l be looking foward to it.
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03/31/09 12:12 AM GMT
A purdy swirl John! Good luck with the programs. I've tried them both and couldn't do it. Too tough for this cookie! it!
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Love and live.
03/31/09 12:51 AM GMT
great design and love the colors:)
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03/31/09 1:12 AM GMT
Gorgeous colors and swirls. I don't think it'll take you very long to figure those programs out. I like the results of Incendia, but I tried it and it take two days to render! Yikes! lol
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03/31/09 5:03 AM GMT
Sort of like a whirlpool blizzard of feathers... Good luck with the programs and come back soon.
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03/31/09 7:04 AM GMT
Give us a swirl when you come back pal...

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03/31/09 3:15 PM GMT
Lovely flame, John! Love the rich color grandient.

Good luck with Incendia and Bryce. You've got your hands full there. Wen
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03/31/09 8:42 PM GMT
Itīs just a swirl..yes, but a very beautiful one! the quality of the images is very good, almost 3D and the colors are wonderful. Great work as always John!
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04/01/09 6:55 AM GMT
Cool fractal design, 9/10
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04/22/09 5:18 PM GMT

Stunning and Beautiful!!
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