white house on the millpond 2  

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Uploaded: 09/30/06 8:39 PM GMT
white house on the millpond 2
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oh boy youre going to get bored of seeing the same pond ;) this is a couple of days later, this time I shot using a fairly wide angle on the standard zoom and had to hand hold my polariser cos its the wrong size for that lens, I wish Id been there just a tad earlier to catch that big X before it had dissapated so much


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09/30/06 10:04 PM GMT
wonderful symmetry Jeremi! Very beautiful photograph - the lake looks like glass and the reflections are wonderful! .....and I am not getting bored! ;) Patti
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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that is why we call it the present." well much ...laugh often ..... mygallery
09/30/06 10:08 PM GMT
Gorgeous view of dusk with clarity and terrific composition. The reflections in the lake and the white house in the distance are very pleasing to see. Well done Jeremi.
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Can't always give individual thanks but I am so appreciative of everyone's comments and input. I truly enjoy seeing all of your posts and am always happy to see you at My Gallery. Thanks, Anita
10/01/06 1:56 AM GMT
Excellent capture with great focus, detail and composition.
The reflection of the trees in the water really make this a work of art.
This will be a marvelous desk top, thanks for sharing. .......... Don
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10/01/06 3:10 AM GMT
Beautiful reflections Jeremi. I think I'd have cloned the house out altogether. It's pretty well hidden and doesn't add anything to the image. A really lovely shot. The twilight lighting is very effective. anne :-)
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Don't tell me it's good, tell me what is good about it. Don't tell me it stinks, tell me what I can do do improve it. Thank you for taking the time to tell me anything at all. Be blessed. anne :-)
10/01/06 8:33 AM GMT
Excellent! I really like the composition with the water taking up two thirds of the frame, the deep blue colour in the sky and the water, and the smoothness of the water. So often you see in this kind of photos strong contrastive ripples on the water that ruin the peaceful atmosphere. This one though is perfect.
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10/01/06 10:18 PM GMT
nice reflection here ...great shot ..
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You do not have to thank me if I leave a comment on your image...unless you really want to. ..It is my pleasure to comment on your beautiful work.
10/02/06 8:02 PM GMT
dziesięć :-))
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10/03/06 11:37 AM GMT
You have done great job here Jeremi. It is always nice to see reflections on still water...a feeling of tranquility. You have good balance in this image of water, trees and sky...gerry..
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10/14/06 12:00 AM GMT
nice shot, Jeremi. while this isn't a conventional composition (in terms of proportion) it works, and works well. nice!!
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lately, i've fallen horribly behind in my thanks and comments. I'll catch up, but until I do, please know all your kind words are greatly appreciated.

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