autumn dapples  

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Uploaded: 10/07/06 9:18 AM GMT
autumn dapples
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I saw these subtle shades and dapples shining through the leaves rather than reflecting from them. So I thought Id like the on my desk top and I thought Id share them :)


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10/07/06 9:44 AM GMT
perfectly captured play of light and shadow, great photo to save!
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10/07/06 9:56 AM GMT
Makes a great desktop wallpaper! :)
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10/07/06 10:25 AM GMT
Pretty colors!
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Today is tell a knock-knock joke to Les/Purmusic day.....
10/07/06 12:33 AM GMT
Your right Jeremi...they do look good shining 'through'....This is a super desk top too.....
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10/07/06 12:39 AM GMT
Jeremi, Just a super shot, makes a great desktop...very soothing. Jas
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10/07/06 9:55 PM GMT
This is a great shot as well Jeremi ..lots of shadow play in this a delight to the eyes
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You do not have to thank me if I leave a comment on your image...unless you really want to. ..It is my pleasure to comment on your beautiful work.
10/07/06 11:09 PM GMT
Oh Jeremi, This is a stunning photo. the subtle hint of light and the accent on shadowing just makes for a keeper DT. In my DL. Thanx
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10/08/06 2:29 AM GMT
Seen at full screen the dapples and play of light are crisp and tight and shows up the truly great clarity you've given us. The colors are pleasing and not at all dark, as I had first thought when I saw it in thumbnail. However, (adjusts glasses, and monitor so that I'm sure I'm sitting up straight) :) I feel like this is tilted ever so slightly to the left, but it's not a huge distraction, and this is a fine capture :)PJ
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10/08/06 4:17 PM GMT
It does look nice Jeremi. The play of the sunlight in dense woods can produce some interesting effects...gerry..
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10/08/06 8:46 PM GMT
oh how pretty! i love how the leaves look like they are glowing. and such dramatic shadow and highlights through out. beautiful colors, just a beautiful scene and excellently captured! ~abby
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i apologize for my delay in replying to all of your wonderful comments...senior year in hs has me incredibly busy and almost frantic...
10/09/06 5:48 PM GMT
Lovely composition with terrific lighting. What a pleasing DT this is. Well done.
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Can't always give individual thanks but I am so appreciative of everyone's comments and input. I truly enjoy seeing all of your posts and am always happy to see you at My Gallery. Thanks, Anita

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