Old Stone House  

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Uploaded: 02/11/07 9:13 PM GMT
Old Stone House
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This is one of the oldest houses in my city, Sioux Falls. It is made of quartzite as many of the oldest buildings in town are. It sits on top of a rather steep hill paved with cobblestones made guessed it, quartzite!


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02/11/07 9:26 PM GMT
wow this is a beautiful house, want to live in such a house too:)) lol you have captured it forever and with the snow on it, it has something from a fairy tale:))
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02/11/07 9:45 PM GMT
A very beautiful house. It must be nice to life there. Good capture.
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted More of the Albertina
02/11/07 10:10 PM GMT
this house has a very unique architectural style Daniel! The pointed roof reminds me of the Jacobean style. very nice capture my friend! Patti
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02/11/07 10:50 PM GMT
Wow that's a cool place Dan, looks like it might make it a few more years too. Santa better be careful on that roof. LOL
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Always remember - Follow the Yellow Brick Road, it will lead you to the Emerald City and OZ A very nice place to repose. Trust me on this one, I live there ............The Lion...................... MY GALLERY - The Magical Mystery Tour
02/11/07 11:02 PM GMT
Beautiful capture Dan, doesn't look that old, obviously have kept it up well.
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Why not go out on a limb, that is where the fruit is.... Frank Scully
02/11/07 11:07 PM GMT
What a beautiful home and your shot shows off the great detail. I can't believe how colorful the posts on the porch are. Nice job with this one, Dan.
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02/11/07 11:12 PM GMT
This is a superb capture, Dan! That old house looks really fine to me. I'd trade up to it in a second. That's a great angle on the shot too.
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02/12/07 1:09 AM GMT
Beautiful old house, Dan. You did it well. Great angle, good shot.
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02/12/07 1:39 AM GMT
This is gorgeous. I'd like to live here. Nice capture.
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02/12/07 1:52 AM GMT
Gotta love that quartzite. The colors really make this a standout. I like the way the porch is decorated in the style of the old "painted ladies"....and they even went so far as to make a matching retaining wall. So that means that all of this matches the cobblestones coming up the hill? FANCY ... Looks like it might have taken a few days to build this solid place. Your angle is good, as has been mentioned, and I like how the weak sunlight has picked up a little glow on the front of the house. Tip o the hat, Sheriff..another mighty fine capture. ;)


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02/12/07 4:15 AM GMT
This house is gorgeous and solid as can be.
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02/12/07 6:35 AM GMT
A great shot Dan of that beautiful stone house. Wish it was mine.
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Save the Polar Bears
02/12/07 8:29 AM GMT
What a beautiful house you capture here Dan. Lovely architecture. I really love the porch. Lovely work.
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02/12/07 1:31 PM GMT
It is so Beautiful,Dan..Wonderful capture..:)
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02/12/07 11:24 PM GMT
Souix Falls? As in, Souix Falls, SD? I don't know if there is another Souix Falls anywhere else... but assuming that's the one, I lived in Brookings when I was a kid for about five years. And I love architecture. This beautiful. Nice work. :)
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02/14/07 1:27 AM GMT
Wow, Dan. That is PURRRRRFECT exposure. And, the color and focus are spoton. What a house. This is really nice. If i find this in the VB, I'll give it a great score. Great work.
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02/17/07 4:30 PM GMT
Great job Dan, thanks for sharing, Don
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