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Uploaded: 10/01/07 3:32 AM GMT
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i know this one is a little dark but i only got the one chance to take the shot and realized my flash was not on. meh oh well enjoy anyway!


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10/01/07 9:39 AM GMT
Lovely little guy, Ki. Was this taken while camping or at another point? I think the darkness makes the picture a bit better, what with the contrast of the bright blue in the bottle (kinda puts a bit of 'light on the subject' on it's own), although i guess we'll never know what it'd look like with flash, huh? *steals picture* Thanks!

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10/03/07 9:51 PM GMT
Hate to be the bearer of a bad review, but I don't really think this image is worth posting here. Do keep trying, though! You've definitely got a lot of excellent photos in your gallery. Just don't think this is up to par with the rest of your work, especially on the rocks and the watch.
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10/04/07 7:56 PM GMT
I actually love this shot! It reminds me of something out of a sci-fi movie in some weird mad scientist's laboratory! I especially love the blue (my favorite color) which seems to emminate from the bottle. I hope you have more 'accidents' like this one in the future.

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10/04/07 9:06 PM GMT
I really think the flash would have ruined this pic. The subtle lighting of the wood at the bottom gives a great texture and the light coming through the blue really glows! Pretty nice focus work for such a dark subject, too. Overall, I'd question this shot as a desktop pic, but beyond that, it works for me. :)
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