Study in Red  

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Uploaded: 10/27/04 10:15 PM GMT
Study in Red
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Extreme macro of a red autumn leave. It took a while before (I think) I gave the colors justice in the "digital darkroom". Using Graphic converters excellent control over (among other things) individual color contrasts gave it the richness of color I remember from when I was out shooting the photo.


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10/27/04 11:10 PM GMT
Great detail in this Klas. Like the darkness and the sharpness.
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10/27/04 11:20 PM GMT
Thank you for the kind comment, Sally. :) It's very nice to hear from you btw.
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10/28/04 3:05 AM GMT
Ahhh it's so luxurious! Like an italian leather sofa... I love it. "Perfect Imperfection" is still my favorite though!
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10/28/04 4:14 AM GMT
Wow, I almost didn't see this one it seemed so dark in thumbnail, but full screen it just comes alive. Very, Very, nice and original. Great Job 10/10

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10/28/04 4:45 AM GMT
This is a 'must view full size' to appreciate the beauty. I almost slid right by it, but it jumped at me when opened! The detail is incredible as is the color. Such richness. All of the vein structure is so visible. What a macro shot this is! Thanks for posting it Klas! :))
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~ Mimi~ (^_^)
10/28/04 4:55 AM GMT
^_^ Thank you so much guys. I agree with you Sam about "Perfect Imperfection", I just felt this one was nice too. I was afraid people wouldn't get pass the thumbnail... I'm glad you gave it a shot. :)
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10/28/04 11:05 AM GMT
I agree !!
("All of the vien structure is so visible", "So luxurius!","The detail is incredible as is the colour", ....... etc!! )
Says it all !!
Perfect macro shot!
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"Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch' entrate" (Dante)
10/28/04 11:12 AM GMT
Thank you for the kind words John. :) That means a lot.
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10/28/04 1:07 PM GMT
A definate must see in full screen Klas. This is magnificent. Well done!
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10/28/04 1:13 PM GMT
Thank you June for taking the time to view in full rez and for the comment too. :)
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10/29/04 6:22 AM GMT
Wow...excellent macro shot. Great detail...I love all the fall images being posted now...something to think about when winter in Minnesota comes around.
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10/29/04 9:13 AM GMT
Thanks for the kind words Bryan. :)
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10/30/04 12:28 AM GMT
very very nice, must be seen full size. very rich dark colors, well done. Looks like fine leather haha.
*note: please mail me your camera in response to this comment.
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10/31/04 6:20 AM GMT
Hehe. :) Thanks Anthony.
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11/01/04 8:30 PM GMT
Wow! Are all leaves like that or did you have to spend hours searching for the right one? Man, if I had a good color printer.... This one is too good to just be kept in the computer!
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11/01/04 11:02 PM GMT
Thanks for the great compliment. I actually spent hours getting this one shot. ^_^ I tried for two days to get a really good macro of a nice autumns leaf. I had a hard time because the light were tricky and such... And most cool leaf were gone by the time I got the time to have my autumns photo rampage. But I made it at last. :) You can always take the image to a photo-store for development... ;) (If you want to I can send you a less compressed version, it would still be 1600x1200 though.)
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11/03/04 3:41 PM GMT
oh wow! that's awesome. I can almost feel the texture. I like the little diagonal red 'line.' give a nice balance to the pic. Really great capture,as always^^.
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11/03/04 5:21 PM GMT
Thank you Lucy. :) I really likt that diagonal too.
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11/06/04 4:36 PM GMT
Wonderful, Klas :-)
No editing?
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11/06/04 5:03 PM GMT
Thanks. :)

Just color correction and some cropping.
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11/27/04 3:51 PM GMT
Very nice full size Klas. It has a great leathery texture to it. Nice post processing:-)
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11/30/04 3:54 PM GMT
Thanks Darryl. :)
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02/03/05 7:42 AM GMT
Soooooooothing! I did miss this one. So well composed and what a nice color to have on my desktop late at night for tired eyes.
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I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. Georgia O'Keeffe
02/03/05 7:48 AM GMT
Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you liked it BJ. :)
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02/05/05 11:22 AM GMT
Ett fantastiskt macro helt läderkänsla. Du har fått toppbetyg på den här tidigare.
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06/15/05 2:55 PM GMT
indeed a great macro..allmost anything is allready said on this one.
well i just like it too.
but at the same time makes me feel sad...suppose of the colors.
anyway it touched me
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12/22/05 1:32 AM GMT
This is definitely one of those images that needs to be seen full sized to really appreciate its delicate beauty.

A Photograph is more than a still image of the real, it is a doorway into the unreal, it allows you to see through the eyes of the photographer, and see how they see the life around them.
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12/22/05 9:14 AM GMT
Thank you. :) I definitely agree with your there.
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01/02/07 9:10 PM GMT
Beautiful texture! It does make a wonderful wall paper, btw :)
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-- Martin -- I always welcome constructive critique.

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