Rocky Beach  

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Uploaded: 09/19/11 7:48 AM GMT
Rocky Beach
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For those who are interested... The beach in Sarti, Sythonia (Greece). I was playing a bit. LOL


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09/19/11 7:51 AM GMT
Oh, nice playing, Milka. I love it, interesting beach, rocks and sand, excellent.
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09/19/11 8:33 AM GMT
---I was playing a bit---

I have to guess what you've done, but I suppose that you have edited at least the upper side of your image. If so, I have to be honest Milka, because the sea, hills and the sky have lost somewhat of their natural color. The sky has even become somewhat threatening. An almost unknown phenomenom in sunny Greece.
The compostion however is perfect!

Regards, Cornelius.
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09/19/11 1:52 PM GMT
Just guessing, but it looks like you used the HDR effect in It creates an interesting look, to say the least. Pretty cool, Milka.
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09/19/11 3:46 PM GMT
The blue is overdone here Milka. Otherwise it would be a very nice image.
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09/19/11 5:37 PM GMT
Wow this is a stunning photo and great effects to,the light and shade is spot on.Love the textures in this photo and the colour especially in the sand.10/10
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09/19/11 7:47 PM GMT
Nice image Milka. Love the 3D effect.
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09/20/11 2:27 AM GMT
Milka I have to say that your work is growing by leaps and bounds latly. If I have one bad thing to say its the sky looks fake. The color is alittle to deep and to much noise. But dont let those things I said fool you. I still loved it.
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09/20/11 2:47 PM GMT
Milka this is very pretty!!! You should play more often:)
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09/21/11 1:49 AM GMT
Beautiful work.
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09/24/11 6:43 PM GMT
Best of luck in the contest Milka with this sandy beach, blue sky and water beauty!
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10/01/11 1:21 AM GMT
I love the sand and it's texture but for me the water is a bit over done.
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