Stourhead 3  

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Uploaded: 11/05/08 6:30 AM GMT
Stourhead 3
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The classic view of Stourhead, a premier National Trust property in Wiltshire, England.


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11/05/08 8:39 AM GMT
I think you have posted from here before mate!...

these two are fabulous! the angles you captured them!...

Gives out a wonderful ambience!...
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* To Believe in myself and have faith in my Photography * OwdBob'sGallery
11/05/08 1:08 PM GMT
Very Impressive !

FaveD !

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This Image GRABBED my EYE. That's Why I Stopped By. Thanks For Sharing ! The happiest people don't have the best of everything.....they just make the best of everything they have.
11/05/08 2:12 PM GMT
Excellent work. Gave this a 10 in the VB this morning. It is that good!

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“Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you” - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
11/05/08 3:36 PM GMT
Another keep-pah.
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11/05/08 10:16 PM GMT
Stunning! That was the first word that came to me when I opened this up. Those Autumn colours are fantastic and the lake's reflections and the overall effect is just perfect. Fav'd and thanks for sharing!
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11/05/08 10:23 PM GMT
I really like the bridge in this one. Great job.
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11/06/08 12:09 AM GMT
just beautiful ...great capture:)
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11/06/08 2:38 AM GMT
Beautiful location and composition. Thank you for sharing it.
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11/06/08 7:58 AM GMT
This one is even lovelier! I just had to fave it...
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"Never let your studies interfere with your education." - Pete Seeger
11/06/08 9:58 AM GMT
Faved this one mate. What a cracker of an English landscape. I'm pretty sure they used that column thingy in the Pride and Prejudice movie with what'shername and thingyamyjig in it. :)
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"The thunderbolt falls on an inch of ground; but the light of it fills the horizon." Ralph Waldo Emerson.
11/08/08 6:43 AM GMT
How do you do this? These fall shots are just so appealing and very lovely. There is something about the quality of the image that makes it seem so smooth. I'm not talking about the subject elements and perspective which are excellent too, but the detail and painterly quality.
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"Take it upon yourselves to be more forthright in your comments"* *Les (&purmusic)
11/14/08 11:38 PM GMT
Hello Kevin....I'm late commenting but it's all been said above. Wow. Enjoyed viewing this image very much and thank you....All the best....Mick.
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11/14/08 11:39 PM GMT
Hello Kevin....I'm late commenting but it's all been said above. Wow. Enjoyed viewing this image very much and thank you....All the best....Mick.
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11/19/08 8:45 PM GMT
Looks like paradise to me!
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
01/11/09 2:45 AM GMT
I really have no idea why I have never commented on this one Kevin. It is spectacular. I love how the eye meanders through the shot and all those wonderful scenes. So many beautiful little scenes within one great one. Kudos.


Avie by PJ

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You are what you are until you aren't.
02/16/09 6:00 PM GMT
I could sit here all day looking at gorgeous shots like this!!
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05/09/09 10:55 AM GMT
Superbly composed image Kevin of a wonderful looking place.

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Thanks to anyone who looks at my pictures.
09/23/10 4:34 PM GMT
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