Indigo Serenade  

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Uploaded: 02/09/06 8:24 PM GMT
Indigo Serenade
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Another feather fractal yes, but I liked the color & I liked the design & I hope you do too. As always, all comments, tips, tricks & secrets to winning poker hands ( I'm a terrible card player, lose every DARN time ! ) are more than welcome ! :o)


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02/09/06 8:30 PM GMT
Great colours and design. It`s a bit like peacock feathers flowing. Brilliant iamge.
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Don`t cover yourself in petrol and smoke.
02/09/06 8:32 PM GMT
This design is purely elegant, Lauren! Well done! Wen
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02/09/06 8:53 PM GMT
Amazing blue.. Gorgeous!!!
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One bead at a time
02/09/06 9:08 PM GMT
Ok! I DEMAND more like this one :D This is definitely your best yet!!!!!!! The blues look great, the design is great and well, this is perfecet and one for my faves :D
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02/09/06 9:15 PM GMT
Well, since I dont know how to do fractals, I get to enjoy other peoples works of art even more. This is absolutely wonderful! And the title fits perfectly. I think this is my favorite of yours of all time! Swirling blooz(blues)hehe.........(my online name was Bloozey) this will grace my desktop for a good while!! Its a elegant and gorgeous creation my friend!!...verena
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So rich is the morning tender is the evening sun...
02/09/06 9:19 PM GMT
Interesting fractal...looks like a gypsy dancer's dress...Good work!
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"Let us forever cherish and hold sacred these moments...for it is our undoing ...should we forget..." -William Shakespeare
02/09/06 9:40 PM GMT
Lauren, do you hear that sound? No? Well, that silence is the sound of the ninja computer death squad sneaking up on you and your computer...because if you actually HEARD them, they wouldn't be very good, now, would they?

This is just beautiful! The deep indigos and the swirls, the depth and flow, all add up to another amazing image. Another 10 from me.
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"More men are killed by overwork than the importance of the world justifies." Rudyard Kipling
02/09/06 9:47 PM GMT
Lol Lauren, I'm afraid I'm not that great of a card player. I like this one, really and truly one of your best works yet, the colors look lovely together, great job and into my favorites!
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02/09/06 9:49 PM GMT
hahahaha.. @ Kat... phew, the ninjas have missed my house they are on their way to yours.. LOL.... this is a fantastic flame Lauren,, it has a lot of depth, even looks metalic in some places... beautiful gradient... definately one of your best... beautiful work
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02/09/06 10:14 PM GMT
Looks to me like you should be the one to give tips, comments, hints, and secrets!

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02/09/06 10:46 PM GMT
This is just gorgeous! Love it, love it, love it. Straight to my favs. 10/10.
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"Don't be afraid, just believe." ~Mark 5:36
02/09/06 10:46 PM GMT
Zowie Lauren! You're getting awfully good with these feathery flames of yours! This is stunning! Love the blue and aqua! Very good job!!..=)
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02/09/06 10:49 PM GMT
Great work , love it all , from color to design and the lighting is just right here.
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02/09/06 11:12 PM GMT
Now this one is very well thought out and designed, with pleasing color. a very relaxing image.
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Art is the perception of the creator. Meaning is the perception of the viewer. acceptance is the perception of society.
02/09/06 11:45 PM GMT
To me this looks like a spanish dancer's dress fanned out in front of her. Of course I see the movement of the dance. The colors are serene and calming....which is the oposite of the spanish dancer, but I like the whole combination!
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Magic is everywhere...
02/09/06 11:46 PM GMT
First Lauren, the title...very creative, I love it!!

Fantastically fun, funky fractal with bodacious blues and a magical moevment throughout!!
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02/10/06 12:36 AM GMT
Lauren, love the design, love the lighting and I absolutely LOVE the color scheme. Beautiful! Vicky
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02/10/06 2:41 AM GMT
Very elegant image. Lot's of images within the image. Thoughtful and thought-provoking.
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02/10/06 3:06 AM GMT
I would have to agree with the above comments that this is a welcomed addition to your galleries. It truly is one of your best.

Very nice and clean lines. Full image, making great use of space and subsequently, very good balance in the composition. Beautiful colour gradient. Absolutely gorgeous and again, I echo that your title is quite fitting. Almost another element in of itself. Great work.

Annnnd ... it took how long to render? I jest.

(p.s. Not that this would be necessarily be a case in point, however ... a tip ... experimenting with the gamma settings [slider control] can dramatically alter the lighting ... and cut down on 'graininess,' if need be. Uh ... deal me in?)
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02/10/06 3:21 AM GMT
Interesting blend of the fractals and interest use of color. Another different piece of fractal art. Very neat!
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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt
02/10/06 3:38 AM GMT
Ohhh! That's beautiful.... :) My desktop for tomorrow!
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02/10/06 4:22 AM GMT
Hi Lauren, my goodness, just when I think you have shown me everything you've got, you show me this! It is positively magnificent in color, design and in every way a fractal can be expressed! I love this Lauren! I also appreciate the soft furry feather fractals! They all seem to have their own personalities, no two are ever alike, are they! I have mentioned so often in the past, that because I do not do this kind of atistry, I cannot with knowledge, crtique it well, but I sure do know talent when I see it, and dear you have it! I too, like your title, it is so melodious! Sincerely, Marilyn
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02/10/06 4:31 AM GMT
Absolutly beautiful... great job Lauren. High marks *bow*
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"Can't Sleep, Clowns will eat me... Can't sleep, Clowns will eat me..."
02/10/06 1:45 PM GMT
Love the colors and the lighting effect, beautiful and a magnificient creation, it seems so spiritual and full of it :)
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“Suspiros etereos se abrazan con un beso eterno” Enjoy My Gallery
02/10/06 2:52 PM GMT
Awesome, Lauren....simply beautiful and quite elegant! I especially love the choice of colors with this design, very mesmerizing and colorful! Great work!
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02/11/06 8:03 AM GMT
Beautiful!! Great work Lauren!!
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02/11/06 7:26 PM GMT
I broke my mouse scrolling down here .. I'll send you the bill

a very regal gown .. nuthin' finah than Medina fashions
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02/12/06 12:16 AM GMT
A stunning piece, and I'm finding it hard to add anything new! It has the appeal of an array of peacock feathers, and of course my fav colour!! Well done...
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The Universe conspires to help those who help themselves. My gallery.
02/21/06 3:29 PM GMT
This is really gorgeous and I have it on my desktop. I would love to see this or something very similar done in turquoise and gold, very peacock looking.
Thank you for sharing this.
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02/22/06 9:28 PM GMT
Absolutely beautiful fractal Lauren! I love the color scheme. Wnnderful composition. Congrats on a great job!
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03/12/06 5:44 PM GMT
love the colors. it reminds me of peacock feathers. i had something similar to this, but it didn't turn out anywhere near as good as yours. great job!
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03/12/06 11:49 PM GMT
Awesomeness ^_^ I'm loving the blue ^_^
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03/29/06 1:13 PM GMT
Indigo is my colour. Spectaculiar work. Shining.
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It are the small things that doing, perhaps a photo.... Wil
05/05/06 9:28 PM GMT
great work
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06/06/06 10:25 PM GMT
I love the soft draping movement of this picture. It reminds me of a flamenico dancer's skirt.
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Great works are performed not by strength but by perserverence.
06/27/06 9:59 PM GMT
Definently a beautiful birds wing. I love this!!!
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I am the knight in the shadows.....
07/11/06 4:24 PM GMT
Stunning flame work Lauren. wonderfully done. Very nice gradient too. bill
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Be impeccable with your word, don't make assumptions and always do your best
09/03/06 8:34 PM GMT
a beautiful, delicate image with gorgeous blues! :)
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12/22/06 6:51 PM GMT
Stunningly beautiful, I was wondering if I could use your image for my backround image on my myspace page, check out and let me know if I may use it.
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07/22/08 5:24 PM GMT
i love it
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11/19/09 5:20 PM GMT
Beautifully done! I love the color and the movement, and of course the feathers! Great work!
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