Morning Frost on the Millstream  

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Uploaded: 11/29/05 6:58 PM GMT
Morning Frost on the Millstream
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A period of early November frosts produced some good opportunities around my hometown.


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11/29/05 9:40 PM GMT
That is just beautiful!! The silhouettes of the people on the bank and the geese and ducks on the water..along with the frostiness of the trees and the fog..well, it is all enhanced with each other. This is a very very nice photo! The water makes it all look so crisp and cold...high marks from me...Verena
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11/29/05 10:17 PM GMT
What a lovely scene.. looks a bit chilly though.. =) love the foggy effect, good composition, agree with Verena the silhouetts are very effective... very well done
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11/30/05 4:44 AM GMT
There is nature, there is climate and there is life in this. So no two words itís a Good shot. Nice composition and focus which creates the mood for the viewer.

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11/30/05 9:42 PM GMT
Great photo.You captured a mood with this.Well done.
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12/01/05 9:06 PM GMT
Absolutely beautiful composition. Gorgeous shot. Give it a 10!
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12/06/05 7:21 AM GMT
great shot, I definately get the "frosty" feeling!
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Is this burning an eternal flame ?
12/06/05 3:14 PM GMT
it's really good.
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12/08/05 3:36 PM GMT
I really enjoyed this shot. There's so much to view. I like the entire mood of this composition.
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12/10/05 3:45 AM GMT
Beautiful photo. This scenery is fantastic, and the human interaction in this photo is great. The birds all look great, except for some reason i think there are 1 or 2 too many birds moving. I think this photo would look better with one or both of the birds next to the two people edited out. but thats just a suggestion... nice work though!
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12/22/05 8:09 PM GMT
That's really a beautiful scene. Must be seen at full size!!! Congrats :-)
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02/16/07 6:21 AM GMT
I really like this image Pete. Pierre is right, this is an image that must be seen full sized to get the full effect.
Keep up the good work.
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09/01/09 2:44 AM GMT
I loooove this! Its gorgeous and peaceful to my spirit.... thank you for sharing
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