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It's been just over eight years since I joined this community at the age of eleven. Yes, eleven! (with parental supervision) At the time I knew nothing about photography (and still I don't), but I had a burning passion for it. I spent hours a day wandering outside, lying flat on my stomach in the dirt taking closeups of flowering weeds, of anything and everything I saw. But I didn't actually know anything about the mechanics of a camera. I would simply point and shoot and hope for the best. As I grew older my passion grew fainter. Now that I have the means to learn, I find I don't have the time. Somehow my love for taking pictures seems to have dwindled. I've found other ways of expressing myself. But when I come here, I feel eleven again. I feel like maybe I should dig out my camera some days. Even if I only use my phone, maybe I should take a shot, and capture my feelings.


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01/27/15 2:20 PM GMT
Looking at your initial posts, I'd say you're a natural in finding interesting subjects to photograph, Radha. "Bouyant" is your best, in my humble opinion, and I encourage you to continue to play around in photography. "Reflection" is a really cool and well thought out photo. Fantastico!
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01/28/15 3:28 AM GMT
its hard for me to see, but i think your true reflection in this shot is in your right eye...zoom in & see, you might be surprised what you see.

i personally think this is a very creative shot..maybe another reflection to be considered is the fact that your back reflecting, eh?...think about it! oh yeah, welcome back :)

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any and all parts of my pictures posted come from my camera's. i use only what i shoot! or render in software

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