red dawn  

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Uploaded: 10/29/05 7:25 PM GMT
red dawn
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shot with canon EOS300D with wide aperture setting while zooming in to subject. image has also been cropped & resized. lit with an orange towel over a spotlight the subject is a leather holepuncher. rules broken i would guess to be: subject being out of focus & being zoomed in during the shot, subject not completely in frame, bad lighting. lemme know what u think :~)


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10/29/05 7:49 PM GMT
Of your two submissions I hold this the highest. It's a pure delight as a piece of abstract art. (Do I need to say I love the color? ^_^) The only way to know it's shot with a digital is the slight tendency for pixilation in parts of the left side of the image. However many rules you broke you still succeeded in making a great shot IMHO.
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10/29/05 8:14 PM GMT
Thanx Klas, glad to hear from u, i see & i know what u are saying about the pixelation on the darker areas, I actually like it.thanx for ur comments, always appreciated :~)
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10/30/05 1:26 AM GMT
Doh !! I thought it was a great piece of abstract art !! One of those very subtle pieces that let's the individual's imagination provide the scenery......I guess it just show's to go ya !!! Seriously, very very nice. Fantastic color & shading .... I can't say enogh good things about this. Creative, artistic & original.
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12/02/08 12:45 AM GMT
cool.... would never guess what it was if you hadn't mentioned. Love it.
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