They Went Thataway  

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Uploaded: 10/22/08 2:07 PM GMT
They Went Thataway
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A White-Breasted Nuthatch enjoying the Adirondack autumn colors from a customary vantage point ... upside down :)


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10/22/08 3:43 PM GMT
Thanks for getting it to pose it's 'rear' end to us pal!...

neat colours and fine camera work!...Good catch!
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10/22/08 9:55 PM GMT
Great capture as always.
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10/22/08 10:56 PM GMT
John, I do know these birds are very active and your sharp and clear image is just perfect, wonderful job my friend.
=^..^= sandi ♪
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. ♪ ♫ ♪sandi ♪ ♫ ♪
10/22/08 11:26 PM GMT
Marvelous capture, John. I like the angle that the bird is perched on the branch.

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10/22/08 11:53 PM GMT
nice one muggsy, i have one, not as good, that i will show soon.
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10/23/08 8:09 AM GMT
Fantastic image with such lovely colors and great details.
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10/23/08 1:17 PM GMT
Great capture John, hard to get these guys sitting still. I like the background colors too.
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10/24/08 2:39 AM GMT
Oh John what a cutie he is!! Of course, I love the stark colours on him. It's amazing to me how you always just have a way of getting these birdies little heads just right. You must be a very very patient man:) This is a very precious photo, just as ALL yours are. And the way the background Autumn colours are, well, it's the perfect backdrop. Thank you ever so much. I jumped for joy when I saw you had posted a new photo!! heehee I imagine you "lurking" to catch this little guy, and the way he sits on the branch..well, it's just a good 'un my friend!! VErena
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10/24/08 11:06 PM GMT
Stellar pose Mug bud!! A wee over-sharpened perhaps as some bleeding seems to occur around the fringes of this fanciful flier. Grand colors and superb backdrop really rocks 'n' rolls!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
10/26/08 2:11 PM GMT
Another PERFECT birdie catpure, sir.. WOW..u are just so good at this... how much do u charge for personal lessons.. :)
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Marietha ****Live every day as if it's your last... and take "pictures" of it ;) ****
10/26/08 4:37 PM GMT
Oh, my! This is really nice! That background is a real winner, too. These little fellas are not easy to catch, so one has to be quick on the shutter. You have done well ... very well :)
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10/27/08 1:53 PM GMT
whadda pretty boy he is!! a fine shot.
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10/27/08 10:05 PM GMT
Those colors make the perfect backdrop for this! What a pose and excellent clarity.
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11/01/08 7:16 AM GMT
Fantabulous shot! We see a lot of these little guys here too.
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04/18/10 12:56 AM GMT
Hello John....Hello John....All of us viewers have been awed by your spectacular photos of birds.... Little do we realize that most of those bird photos in your gallery are a result of painstaking effort....I have to say, this is a stunning photo! So well executed! So inspiring! Absolutely gorgeous....Well done....All the best to you John.....................Mick.
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