China Blue Grapes  

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Uploaded: 02/16/07 4:57 PM GMT
China Blue Grapes
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This is an unusual colour form of the Grape Hyacinth, Muscari chalusicum which is found in the wild in Northern Iran in rock crevices and light woodland. The original collection was by the Bowles Scholarship Expedition to Iran in 1963. Sadly, botanical expeditions have been few and far between since the political troubles there. However this plant grows well in cultivation and I would like to share it with you now.


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02/16/07 5:01 PM GMT
Look a bit like purple snowdrops!....truly lovely Steve...and you captured them at a great angle too!
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02/16/07 5:05 PM GMT
Beautiful, great photo, gorgeous flowers, I'm just wondering how many more of your great photos I can fit onto my hard drive LOL...

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02/16/07 5:35 PM GMT
Another fine shot. Super clarity. Nice job.
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02/16/07 5:39 PM GMT
beautiful shot very sharp and bright but it is a pitty of the background, but that is just me:))
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02/16/07 8:10 PM GMT
Thanks for sharing and for the story behind. Thats really interesting. By the way, the flowers are beautiful also.
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted Ice Dream
02/16/07 8:18 PM GMT
very beautiful these tiny flowers
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02/17/07 12:02 AM GMT
Wow..perfect capture, very beautiful
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02/17/07 8:39 PM GMT
Wow, you're really on a roll with these flower uploads, and I'm lovin' it. More, Please. :)


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02/23/07 10:46 AM GMT
WOW terrific shot of these beauties Steve. Sort of look like Bluebells...gerry
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