Strike a pose  

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Uploaded: 01/05/07 11:28 PM GMT
Strike a pose
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01/06/07 12:27 AM GMT
~grabs the 'Ol Red Rider 250 shot range model BB-Gun~

Wait, what am I sayin'...he's too cute to take a shot at!! 8~)

I just teasin' baby!! Fantastic take on this feathery friend!! Again, nice markings and I luv the backdrop blues and burnt oranges!!
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Picture Purrrfect . You never see advertisements for string…they make string, yet you never see a commercial for string!!
01/06/07 2:24 AM GMT
That's a Red Ryder Randy, I'm lookin' at the stock of mine now. LMAO Great job Moe, he isn't big enough to eat so he's safe from Randy. LOL
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Always remember - Follow the Yellow Brick Road, it will lead you to the Emerald City and OZ A very nice place to repose. Trust me on this one, I live there ............The Lion...................... MY GALLERY - The Magical Mystery Tour
01/06/07 2:45 AM GMT
Great pose! I agree... the background is also gorgeous, contrasting the birds' white and faded blue perfectly.
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01/06/07 7:48 PM GMT
The pose is excellent! The photography is better. Yop.
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01/07/07 1:39 AM GMT
Excellent shot Moe.
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Save the Polar Bears
01/11/07 1:30 AM GMT
Excellent! So clear and colorful. What a beauty! Diane
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01/13/07 6:54 PM GMT
Very nice capture. Hope I get to vote on it.
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01/14/07 10:13 PM GMT
Great picture, lovely composition. One tiny observation, the eye looks a little soft.
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