Ivan 1  

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Uploaded: 09/14/04 3:26 PM GMT
Ivan 1
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a couple of very brooding shots taken of Ivan yesterday from the ISS - they really capture the immense power and danger present at such an event.

Credit: NASA.


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09/14/04 3:34 PM GMT
Hey! Before uploading I thought it was buildings with a stormy sky...
Terrific view from the ISS, Phil :-)
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09/14/04 3:35 PM GMT
I really like this, it's very creepy. The angle of the shot makes the panels looks like they can be sky scrapers, and ivan looks as though it could be floating right above the "sky scrapers". Thanks for sharing this! :o)
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There's an emptiness inside her and she'd do anything to fill it in. Though it's red blood bleeding from her now, it's more like cold blue ice in her heart. She feels like kicking out all the windows and setting fire to this life. She could change everything about her using colors bold and bright, but all the colors mix grey. ~*DaveMatthewsBand*~
09/14/04 3:38 PM GMT
i hadn't thought about that angle before but now you mention it.....
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
09/14/04 3:47 PM GMT
it looked like buildings and a funky sky manipulation on the thumnail, the other looked like buildings inverted, nice pic, looks very nice full size
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The easiest way to miss a shot is to not venture far enough to find it.
09/14/04 4:04 PM GMT
Great image!!!!!!
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Carpe diem.
09/14/04 4:35 PM GMT
I was thinking; "Dang. He's got stones THIS big!" Really neat shot. (I want one of those camera's!)
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Before you kick a tiger in the ass, you better have a plan for dealing with his teeth . . .
09/14/04 4:42 PM GMT
well apparently the ISS is equipped with just regular old 35mm and digital SLR cameras so I guess it's the viewpoint that really counts :-)
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
09/14/04 6:43 PM GMT
I agree with everyone. From the thumbnail, I though this was like an abstract view of a stormy sky in a city looking up the skyscrapers! Awesome photo.

Thanks again for sharing.
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09/15/04 2:27 AM GMT
i thought the exact same thing as tricky when i saw this, its a great shot
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09/15/04 8:08 AM GMT
Wow, Phil, this is awesome! [I had thought it was a World Trade Center image which, given the circumstances, would have been far less gratifying.] Also, thanks to NASA, but you be the MAN.
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"Success is getting what you like. Happiness is liking what you get." -anonymous
09/15/04 6:43 PM GMT
Now if they could only drop something into that mons†er and stop it! ;(

Quite a view and certainly a powerful image.
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09/17/04 10:27 PM GMT
I so thought that they were buildings! lol, good job.
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09/23/04 3:06 PM GMT
beautiful and scary at the same time.
Nice Picture
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09/26/04 3:38 AM GMT
I agree with Sengir. It's pretty amazing that something so destructive can be so breathtaking.
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Qui habet aures audiendi, audiat.
09/30/04 2:45 AM GMT
So beautiful from outer space!So terrible on earth!

Fantastic shot!
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10/01/04 10:43 AM GMT
Looks weird from the angle.....I like it!
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"Feel free to point, stare, and talk amongst yourselves."
01/22/05 4:23 PM GMT
There's Ivan! We got some really bad flooding from that hurricane. Interesting to see what it looks like from way up above! Thanks for sharing that with us.
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2005 - Year of the rooster!
01/04/06 3:22 PM GMT
It looks like a storm brewing above a building at first glance, but now I see. This is awesom. It is so interesting to see things like this. Nice work from you :)
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04/19/06 11:16 PM GMT
I got hit head on by that and lived through it...
Was an interesting aftermath.
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