Return To Flight '06  

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Uploaded: 05/15/06 5:58 PM GMT
Return To Flight '06
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A fully refitted and ready to fly Discovery arrives at the Vehicle Assembly Building to be attached to the external fuel tank and twin solid rocket boosters that stand ready for the orbiter inside the VAB, in preparation for its return to flight with this summerís launch of the STS-121 mission.

Credit: NASA/JPL.


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05/15/06 6:40 PM GMT
That is an awesome perspective. I found myself studying the front of this craft for quite a while. The reflection on the underside of the plane from the concreate creates a feeling of power and speed. Nice choice of NASA photos to idsplay.
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05/15/06 6:48 PM GMT
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05/15/06 6:57 PM GMT
Quite a shot. Impressive.
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05/15/06 8:16 PM GMT
Wonderful and Cool Capture...!
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05/15/06 8:50 PM GMT
Looks nice and clean doesn't it?
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05/15/06 11:11 PM GMT
When you see how small the people look compared to the aircraft it must be huge! How fast does this baby go???? Oh Phil, your'e always giving us the science classes and educating us. You keep my mind active!!
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05/16/06 12:04 AM GMT
Great capture of the shuttle!
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05/17/06 5:55 AM GMT
Space shuttles are amazing! Thanks for sharing. Just to show you how amazing they are, lol, i attached a little C6-5 motor to a skateboard and lit, moved me 2 inchs. Anything that goes boom, bang, poof, whoosh, pop, etc is amusing.

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Nothing much
05/17/06 6:51 PM GMT
it really is an awesome shot of an awesome vehicle. well done!!! jen
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05/17/06 6:53 PM GMT
It's a nice picture
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05/17/06 10:02 PM GMT
Ah this must be Tony Nlairs new private plane. Good post
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05/17/06 10:11 PM GMT
it's certainly big enough (almost) to contain his ego but sadly, even with a cargo bay that large - there isnt enough room to store all those skeletons currently pouring out of his closet.
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05/18/06 10:43 AM GMT
lol - are you sure its ready to fly - it looks as though its been put togeather by duck tape, but, im sure thats just a tribute to the scale of the craft. Great perspective - another very interesting image to say the least!
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05/19/06 9:02 PM GMT
Hah! .. I just saw on the news that the whole monstrosity has started on it's SLOW journey to the pad for a July launch .. and I was this close > < to PM'ing you with the news

I'm always "a day late and a dollar short"
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08/03/06 2:46 PM GMT
this picture reason captured me..
Nice post!
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04/04/08 2:08 AM GMT
What a great shot. Wow!!
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