Big Feet  

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Big Feet
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Detail shot of the belt shoes on the NASA ‘crawlers’. The crawler, which carries the shuttles mobile launch platform and orbiter from the vehicle assembly building to the launch pad has an unloaded weight of 8,230,000 pounds. The crawler has 456 shoes, 57 per belt (8 belts in all). Each shoe weighs 2,200 pounds alone. The two crawlers have been in service now for more than 40 years – fully laden they carry eleven million pounds of payload at a little over one mile per hour and in their operational lifetime have travelled more than 3,500 miles back and forwards down the crawler way.

Image Credit: NASA/KMC.


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05/27/07 8:59 PM GMT
Jaw drops in amazement at these stats! Great image, Phil, and I never would have know what it was unless you explained.
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05/27/07 10:12 PM GMT
Size 13563980 seems about right. LOL Good one Phil.
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05/30/07 5:27 AM GMT
This is so fascinating Phil. I have seen the crawler in NASA pictures, but never gave a second thought to how it crawled!!! The specs are incredible and I love how you cropped the image and brought it down to my size as well as feeding me this incredible information.
I am continually amazed at the work you do on the NASA images so that we, the public , can learn from them as well as enjoy them.
I am relatively sure that NASA doesn't post images that are this crisp and clear, so once more, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work you do so that I can add something new to my space folder.
To my favorites this goes as well ;=)
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06/08/07 4:57 AM GMT
i love it when you post-
i always know i gonna learn something new!!
thank you Phill!:)
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