Hubble Service Mission 4: Super Unleaded  

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Uploaded: 08/22/08 6:20 PM GMT
Hubble Service Mission 4: Super Unleaded
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The external fuel tank parked outside the VAB for the Hubble servicing mission, after being unloaded from its barge at the Cape. obscure I know but what the hell - Randy - keep the double entendres to a minimum :-) Image, as usual, prepared for you via Photoshop CS3 and the new tool de jour, Tiffen DFX.

Credit: NASA/KMC


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08/22/08 6:39 PM GMT
I want one for my back yard, price of gas that would help...........wonder how many feet a gallon they get. LOL
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08/22/08 6:45 PM GMT
it burns more than 3,000lb of fuel a second but has a zero carbon footprint - go figure :-) a Lincoln Navigator produces more greenhouse gas than this thing :-)
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A smart bomb is only as clever as the idiot that tells it what to do
08/23/08 11:27 AM GMT
Do they get a discount if they pay cash when they fill'er up??

That is one mammoth tank!! I like it against the building!! The environmental aspect you mentioned right above is a very interesting fact. We wanna explore other planets / places, yet, donít know how to take care of our own so it seems.

~lights cigarette~

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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
08/23/08 1:52 PM GMT
Tanks for posting this, viewing it's been a gas ;-)

What I like about this, in all seriousness, is the demonstrated scale. Having the people milling around this thing gives a great perception as to the size of it. Tiffen DFX is a really nice, if expensive toy. Nice clean-up, as usual.

PS.. see all those rental vans? never know.. the next one you see on the street might not just be movers ;-)

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