Discovery Back Home 2  

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Uploaded: 09/15/09 5:10 AM GMT
Discovery Back Home 2
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Discovery back dropped by the Californian sunset undergoes post flight processing before being prepared to be sent back to Florida on its 747 transporter.

Image Credit: NASA/Dryden Media Library.


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09/15/09 5:33 AM GMT
The colorful sky / clouds really sets off the Discovery. I can't imagine all the work that goes into the post flight processing as well as the pre-flight. I get the feeling they will be working all night. Fantastic post Phil ... thanks for sharing.
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This is it! ... MJ
09/15/09 6:03 AM GMT
What a sky in this! Beautiful!
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09/15/09 3:04 PM GMT
I hope NASA didn't loose their luggage like most airlines. :) lol Fine perspective on this one Phil.
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09/19/09 1:50 AM GMT
Cool. I like the perspective and the colours of the sky.
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