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At NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, a female osprey returns to its nest atop a platform close by the Vehicle Assembly Building, ever protective of her growing triplets. The adults feed their young until they are fully fledged and defend their brood with great perseverance until they are independent. The ospreys regularly nest around the NASA facility with the surrounding nature reserves and wetlands providing happy hunting grounds.

Image Credit: NASA KMC


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06/02/10 2:03 PM GMT
Nice and crisp. Excellent detail. The only thing I would change is to have the full wingspan showing, other than that everything is perfect.
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06/02/10 5:31 PM GMT
Great expression!
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06/03/10 3:52 PM GMT
Very nice! Great photo!!

thank you so much for sharing.... :)
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06/04/10 6:02 AM GMT
Phil, this is such a surprise to see from you. What a royal bird, and he//she must know there is something her triplets want to be near. It's like when I see tons of birds sitting on a powerline. Maybe they like the vibrations or the warmth or something. Same with this bird. I love how the feathers are so very clear and the yellow on them too. It's rare when we get to see an Osprey this close. What a wonderful posting Thank you much. I really enjoy this!! Verena
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06/04/10 6:58 AM GMT
A beautiful "family" portrait. How did you get the bird to look at you like that. Thanks for sharing. Bravo.
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06/05/10 12:08 AM GMT
Good capture of this magnificent looking bird. Love the details of the feather patterns. Very nicely done.
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