Winter Wonderland  

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Uploaded: 08/31/04 12:46 AM GMT
Winter Wonderland
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Near the summit of Chinook Pass in the Cascades, and very near Mt Rainier, is this beautiful vista. The winter has just started and in several more weeks the Pass will close for the winter. The snows here can reach up to 45 ft. deep. Even so life will go on underneath all that snow. Mice will burrow tunnels and weasels will chase them. In the late spring the snows will melt and a new carpet of wildflowers will bloom and grow.


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08/31/04 1:45 AM GMT
Beautiful! I'm glad to be the first to post, Your work is definately first clas and love seeing what you post next. Amazing image, I love snow pictures and this is astounding! 10/10 and into favorites! :)
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08/31/04 3:05 AM GMT
ok, you should just me moved you your own special web site or somthing...
your just too good! ;)
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08/31/04 3:32 AM GMT
I agree Tony! :D Very clear and a beautiful shot
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08/31/04 5:25 AM GMT
thats some crazy stuff, wuts with the little trees and the huge tress, are the little ones just saplings or what
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08/31/04 5:33 AM GMT
i like this picture...I like pics that you can't tell the proper scale right, winter makes things look sharper for some reason...
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08/31/04 7:18 AM GMT
Itīs Christmas time...
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Look around and catch it !
08/31/04 12:32 AM GMT
Hey there Michael, now I am getting depressed, hehe. Time to pull out the woolies, lol.
A superb shot as always. This will find a nice home on my desktop near Christmas!
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"Forgive and Forget"
08/31/04 1:22 PM GMT
beautiful. wild but peaceful. that doesn't make sense. . .
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08/31/04 4:33 PM GMT
Absolutely beautiful.
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08/31/04 5:16 PM GMT
Wonderland and wonderful :-)
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08/31/04 5:19 PM GMT
looks like some national geographic shot by like jim brandenburg. good work. i like the black bordeers on the top and bottom aswell.
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08/31/04 8:04 PM GMT
Very beautiful. I can feel the cold. Nnice shot.
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My name is Cassandra. You can call me Cassie though. I like colors and puppies and drinking.
08/31/04 9:35 PM GMT
Your work never ceases to amaze me. 10/10
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09/01/04 1:12 AM GMT
Another 10/10 and another photo of yours into my favorites. Amazing work!
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12/11/04 4:26 PM GMT
Wonderful. Happy holidays...!
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01/06/05 12:39 AM GMT
10/10 desktop, nice job...
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02/02/05 6:38 PM GMT
Damnit, don't you take any bad photos?

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03/09/05 11:23 AM GMT
I just love this photo, looks great on my desktop. Thanks for sharing :)

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04/02/08 8:28 AM GMT
Super gotta love those mountains.
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