Storms' Comin  

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Uploaded: 09/05/04 2:44 AM GMT
Storms' Comin
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This image was made in Central Oregon just off the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This is another in my old School House series. A local told me that this was at one time, many years ago, a High School.


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09/05/04 3:03 AM GMT
Did you know that a dog can sense rain up to an hour before.
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09/05/04 3:10 AM GMT
I love the ambience of dying sunlight before a storm. Seen it many times here in CO -- excellent capture.
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09/05/04 4:03 AM GMT
A high school? lol wow wonder what the attendance was...
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09/05/04 4:40 AM GMT
awesome picture! very beautiful landscape and scenery! 10/10 and into favorites, yet again :)
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09/05/04 4:54 AM GMT
good mix of an interesting subject and an interesting landscape. The clouds above are large and clear enough to be scary =-O
I like old building shots lol
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The easiest way to miss a shot is to not venture far enough to find it.
09/05/04 7:11 AM GMT
The clouds have great depth & dimension to them. I like the glimpses of blue here & there. Seems very forlorn out there.....great image. Thank you :))
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Always, Mimi
09/07/04 1:37 AM GMT
What a great capture you are definitely a pro at what you do. Another amassing piece!
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09/07/04 2:33 PM GMT
I'm looking at your own gallery and all pictures are masterpieces! :-)
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09/13/04 1:04 AM GMT
Big sky! Nice balance in the composition and perfectly exposed...which couldn't have been easy in this situation.
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09/25/04 8:18 PM GMT
Hello again. The clouds are rather dull and plain (in my opinion) but they really fit here. Love that mountain spot, it really fits. Also I like the little stone building ..that looks really cool here. I like also the colors of the grass and how high it is. Nice capture. 8*
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12/27/04 7:18 PM GMT
Wow, I really like the look of this shot, and a lot of your other ones. This one gets a 9 from me, and thanks for sharing.
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02/02/05 10:16 PM GMT
There is always an eerie quality to the light before a storm, and that has given this picture a nice feel. Good shot.
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05/02/05 5:43 PM GMT
This drama going on in the stormy skies is alwyays so tremendous! It must have been a great feeling to be here and discover the little "house"...the freeness of it all...and the colours....they are awe inspiring!! I have NEVER seen such a beautiful cloud formation on a photo other than yours...congrats on thsi one!! This is the first time I've seen this pic of yours...its totally amazing....
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Simplicity is Elegance...Thoreau
03/25/06 5:16 AM GMT
This is a wonderful image. I love the colors and the clouds are awesome.

Thanks again.
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09/11/06 7:39 AM GMT
This is really beautiful! On the one hand this great landscape with these fascinating colours, and on the other side this nice old house, remebering old times. I love it...
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