Foggy Morning  

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Uploaded: 09/23/04 4:20 AM GMT
Foggy Morning
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A cold foggy day dawns on the Columbia River just down-stream from the City of Hood River. The Balsam Root is in full bloom giving hope of a warm spring to come.


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09/23/04 4:33 AM GMT
Great nature photography! i like this the fog and clouds.Beautiful shot and favorits.Well done,Michael.
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Carpe diem.
09/23/04 11:09 AM GMT
Very nice image. It displays a mood that the day may have some turmoil. Well done.
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09/24/04 7:34 AM GMT
Beautiful! I love your images of the Northwest, they are so vivid and beautiful! keep up the wonderful work!
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"We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall." -- NLT Proverbs 16:33
09/27/04 2:05 PM GMT
beautiful and i like it alot
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Ange "If you can't walk, crawl. If you can't crawl, find someone to carry you." Firefly
09/27/04 2:56 PM GMT
beautiful! i love the misty mysterious look about this one.
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09/27/04 7:22 PM GMT
Nice, less colourful than your others, but good composition none the less.
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07/29/06 4:40 PM GMT
A tremendous, evocative shot - you can almost feel the clouds slowly lifting. Fantastic work.
BTW, what is the Latin name for "Balsam Root"? I feel like I ought to know the plant, but it's not a vernacular name we use in the UK.
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07/29/06 4:42 PM GMT
Outstanding image and capture.
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07/30/06 9:18 PM GMT
Wonderful!! I'll take a morning like this anyday - great shot -

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