Row After Row  

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Uploaded: 07/06/05 3:30 AM GMT
Row After Row
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The bright red Tulips against the vivid greens and subtle brown earth tones really make this image jump.


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07/06/05 3:54 AM GMT
Beautiful! Great composition and amazing color!
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07/06/05 4:12 AM GMT
Lovely image and wallpaper.Nice shot and well done.
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07/06/05 9:18 AM GMT
Wow, really impressive image. Love the lines from the rows of tulips. The color is quite intense. An excellent photo in all regards.
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07/06/05 12:46 AM GMT
What a massive ammount of Tulips.. Great shot.. Love the angle..
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07/06/05 3:04 PM GMT
wow, I have NEVER seen soooo many tulips!...where was this taken?'re right, this one really grabs you...fantastic capture...10 and favs.:Pat.
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07/06/05 8:18 PM GMT
This is beautiful Michael. Jump is the word! The contrasts that are so easily defined by the geometry of the rows is just amazing. You got a winner for sure in this one.
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ж Regmar ж
07/06/05 10:12 PM GMT
Why the green border? It isa wonderful image but why the green border? Anyway, was this in my country? The Netherlands?
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07/11/05 11:58 AM GMT
Great shot. Do you find that the reds saturate more than other colours?

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11/30/05 9:23 PM GMT
A great photo. The lines make your eyes drift off into the far distance... Great colours and focus!
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04/17/06 3:45 AM GMT
Reds the word! Absolutley awesome tulips. I don't have the correct words for this unbelievebly gorgeous image. This SHOULD be in an art museum...
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09/12/07 6:41 AM GMT
Oh no! This must be Paradise! What can be greater than ...a Tulip World!? Great colors! I love it!I love it! I love it!
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09/25/07 7:08 PM GMT
Wonderful shot!
Did you tweak the red in this? The earth seems a touch..redder than brown.
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01/16/09 1:44 AM GMT
stunning! i want to run along those rows :)
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