Summer Showered  

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Uploaded: 08/21/05 7:16 AM GMT
Summer Showered
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I hurt my back last week and have been pretty much out of commission until today. My new Canon Rebel XT has been calling to me to pay some attention to it. So today I crawled into the backyard with my trusty water mister and created a little afternoon shower. (It was 100 F - 38 C today). I don't know what kind of bush this is but it grows over the neighbor’s fence and makes an interesting subject.


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08/21/05 8:05 AM GMT
Indeed that is gorgeous! The water droplets sure enhance photos....I am one of those that waits for the rain tho...and its not hard here in ORegon LOL...but the colours are lovely Michael. Its amazing what one can do when we cant get up and out much..Determination gives all sorts of ideas for photos..Am glad you are improving. I'm going to try to drive to the Ocean SUnday. I hear it calling my name misses meeeee....take good care of hubby is still laid up from his cycle accident...but he has no choice other than to go to work, I meaN its our shop..who'se gonna do it for him eh? lol....pain is no fun tho...keep taking helsp...I see Pierre is doing it too..gosh all this pain!!!
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You can do anything...if you don't quit!....
08/21/05 1:16 PM GMT
Very nice. Get better soon. Keep up the photo therapy it will do you good.
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08/21/05 2:55 PM GMT
I join in the wishes that you get better very very soon. All the best, Mike and the image is charming.
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All of you, friends from Caedes, I GOT MY OWN CAMERA at last. Wait now ...
08/21/05 3:28 PM GMT
Lovely image.. Love that plant.. I am sure it enjoyed the shower in that heat..
Silverhawk knows what she I is talking about.. She has lots of back problems.. Get better soon.. I like your backyard..
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One bead at a time..
08/22/05 4:56 PM GMT
Ah, I knew it was yours. It has your style. Beautiful photo, Michael.
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09/02/05 2:29 AM GMT
My new desktop. thanks very much. I'm not often taken over by photography...but - I am always in awe of your work Michael. Simply amazing. I wish I could be your apprentice.
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10/27/05 3:01 PM GMT
Beautiful shot. I like how you created the effect of the leaves being wet. Wonderful work!
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12/07/05 1:27 AM GMT
Dammit u're so good!!!!!! :D
GREAT picture and the black and brown framing suits it perfectly. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece, it looks gorgeous on my desktop.
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06/14/08 4:56 PM GMT
It is sooooooo beautiful. Never seen such a blend.
And get well soon!
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