Last Light #2  

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Uploaded: 12/28/05 6:50 AM GMT
Last Light #2
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I originally posted an image here named "Last Light". I'm curious which rendition the group likes more. This one is not cropped and the other one was cropped. Thanks.


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12/28/05 7:51 AM GMT
Love this Michael... the soft colours blend so beautifully against the dark outline of the shore and trees... beautiful work
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12/28/05 9:26 AM GMT
This is a good image showing nice sky and water with perfect balance. Good over all lighting and sharpness too. I like the lovely colors of the sky and the reflections on the water which is very eye pleasing.
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12/28/05 11:18 AM GMT
Stunning shot, Michael...I *love* the colours! ^_^
It's a difficult choice, but I think - out of the two - this image is slightly seems a shame to crop out half of this beautiful scene :]
Excellent work, well done!
Best wishes,

Fae x
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12/28/05 2:00 PM GMT
Absolutely Brilliant Micheal.......The colour balance is spot-on...with the silouette image reflected on the's nigh on perfect.......High marks from me for this one.......
......I love Sunsets..........

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12/29/05 4:49 AM GMT
I looked at your first "Last Light " & of the two, I much prefer this one. It's a shame to have so much of this beautiful image cropped out. while the cropping serves to focus our attention on the silhouetted trees, we miss so much of that beautiful water & sky. Really, this version is stunning. Love it !
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12/29/05 8:10 AM GMT
I have to agree with Lauren. The second is better. What I like here is the light reflections in the water and the overcast sky with different shades of orange. Romantic mood evoking.
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12/29/05 10:27 PM GMT
What an awesome shot Michael! Just beautiful! Vicky
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01/09/06 9:29 AM GMT
Stunning ! That's all I cn say, just stunning!
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01/10/06 6:12 AM GMT
The composition and colors scheme are very nice, the sillouettes are very soothing. This image makes a nice desktop. A little oversharpened IMO but no harm done
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01/16/06 6:16 AM GMT
I prefere this one Michael because it shows a bit more of the image. and with a scene this beautiful, I like to see all I can. Sometimes I feel "more is better" but not always.
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01/29/06 9:02 PM GMT
You've beautifully captured my favorite time of day in my favorite spot - by the water. Love the golden color against the black. Thanks for sharing.
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03/20/06 12:30 AM GMT
Impressive Photo Presentation!
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01/06/07 11:19 AM GMT
Good shot. I like the frame around this picture, it makes the scene even stronger in my eyes... And the mood... wow ...

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06/23/10 8:26 PM GMT
Gorgeous!!!! I love it! =D
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