Evening on the Farm  

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Uploaded: 05/09/06 5:21 AM GMT
Evening on the Farm
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Late afternoon on a farm in the Horse Heaven Hills in the Southeastern Washington near the Tri-Cities.


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05/09/06 5:38 AM GMT
Pretty shot. Looks like home again.
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05/09/06 5:51 AM GMT
Gorgeous shot! Love that wide open sky.
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05/09/06 5:52 AM GMT
Very lovely image. You've done such a great job capturing the beauty of the landscape. I can almost see myself sitting on a porch just gazing out into the peaceful distance.

Thanks ever so much for sharing this one with us.

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05/09/06 6:02 AM GMT
A really beautiful scene.
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05/09/06 7:06 AM GMT
A gorgeous country looks so peaceful.
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05/09/06 7:26 AM GMT
Spectacular and airy view on the countryside. It gives the feeling of freedom. I can almost feel the wind on my face - the sky is so impressive. All the subtle shades of the evevning light make it warm and cosy.
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If you admire nature for its creations why don't you visit the gallery of its reporter...
05/09/06 8:18 AM GMT
Dazzling shot !! There is so much art on the clouds and the ground. Well color and light balanced.
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05/09/06 8:32 AM GMT
Mike - Really nice shot. I thought the focus was a bit soft at first but with further viewing, I think it gives the shot a dream-like quality that is most appealing. Well done
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Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes.
05/09/06 9:15 AM GMT
The shadow play from the sun is just beautiful on this .And that blue sky is to die for. Thanks Michael.
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05/09/06 12:08 AM GMT
A very beautiful image. The shadows of the evening sun on the ground are lovely. In fact the whole thing is lovely :) Excellent.
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Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see the shadows. It's what sunflowers do - Helen Keller
05/09/06 2:19 PM GMT
The sky alone is beautiful, the landscape below is lovely and they compliment well- also nice mix- not too much of a view of either one! the colours are lovely! Brilliant!
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05/09/06 4:47 PM GMT
Nice... great sight of connection of the heaven and earth... so close, but again so far.
Great job :)))))))))
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05/09/06 6:24 PM GMT
Wow. Nice rich colors. I would have known this was snapped by you if no name had been attached. The thumbnail did not do a thing for me. I didn't thinkmI was going to like this when I downloaded it. But, as Gomer Pyle would say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise"..
Well done, thou good and faithful photographer.
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05/09/06 7:33 PM GMT
In short, spectacular picture!
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The painter constructs, the photographer discloses. (Susan Sontag)
05/09/06 8:28 PM GMT
Home on the range strikes me as another good name for this one. I love the warms browns of the earth against the clear sky. The framing is well done as well. I really like this!
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Since we cant change reality. Let us change our eyes in which we percieve reality. Nikos Kazantzakis.
05/09/06 11:10 PM GMT
This is a great beautiful landscape - a dreamy image; I love the contrasting colours of the rolling hills against that endless blue sky. I really like the frame you've added - I think it finishes the image off nicely. Great work :o)
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05/10/06 12:24 AM GMT
What a beautiful peaceful view. The lovely grasses, in the foreground, pulls one into the photo. The skys color and the misty clouds are soothing to see. This area of WA is very different than the Seattle side. Thanks for this serene sight...
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05/10/06 4:55 PM GMT
Absolutely gorgeous, Michael. Kudos! I'd like to hang this one on my wall.
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05/10/06 6:08 PM GMT
Grandfather: This is what it looked like when we were able to live on the surface of the Earth.
Grandson: So why did we destroy the atmosphere and make everyone have to live underground?
Grandfather: Back then we didn't believe it could ever happen.

This picture is so beautiful. Thought I'd share the scenario that I envisioned when I viewed it.
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some pictures say a thousand words... others speak silently to the soul
07/22/06 11:16 AM GMT
~just checkin' out some of your works~ 8~D

Superb tonalities on this landscape!! Would've like to have seen a little darker blue on the outside border, the light blue kinda drags my eye away from the gorgeous snap. Deep, rich colour work throughout!!
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09/12/06 7:02 AM GMT
I know this place well. I grew up here.
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03/07/07 7:59 AM GMT
Hello Mike...First of all I would like to say you have a gallery full of wonderful pictures....In this picture you have captured the essense of a beautiful landscape.... Light is an important factor...The intensity, direction and colour you have used to your advantage... The color of sunlight is different at different times.... By photographing this scene in the late afternoon, the color of the sunlight is warmer and hence you have produced a beautiful picture....Well done....All the best...Mick.
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05/09/08 1:24 PM GMT
This is sooo beautiful.....
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02/24/10 12:55 AM GMT
Gorgeous ochre tones. To my mind the power of this image is entirely in the colours and the silky textured light.
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