Copper Waves  

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Uploaded: 01/29/06 1:46 PM GMT
Copper Waves
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Apophysis, Photofiltre...This looked like molten copper being stirred in a gigantic melting pot to me. I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks. Enjoy!


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01/29/06 5:49 PM GMT
This is a mesmerizing design: it draws you in, makes you look at more and more detail. The dark center really does it for me on this one.
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01/29/06 6:49 PM GMT
I agree with Kat. The dark center really draws the eye. Great work Larry!
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01/29/06 6:58 PM GMT
Hey there! To me it looks like copper blades that have turned and turned to make 'more copper' by slicing it...on the other hand it makes me think of a woven dark basket looking down into its darkness....either way, its a most lovely creation Larry ! Very lovely colour!!!
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01/29/06 7:18 PM GMT
Larry this really is stunning, I think this is one of the best Apophysis renders I have ever seen. You have raised the bar with this one mate. Fantastic.
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01/29/06 7:59 PM GMT
Really nice job! I like the design in the center w/the slight spin! Nice job!
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01/29/06 8:15 PM GMT
Its like copper blades,agree verenabloo..Its very beautiful..just love it.
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01/29/06 10:08 PM GMT
WOW... beautiful colour and flame, agree with everyone, it definately draws you in... looks like chocolate.. *think im having choc withdrawls... lol bet it took a long time to render.. =D well done
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01/29/06 10:59 PM GMT
I'm just trying to keep my eyes still after looking at this one. It's too busy for my liking, but it's still a nice pattern and use of color.
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01/29/06 11:21 PM GMT
Hi Larry!
You've outdone yourself! This is gorgeous! It really does pull you in! Love it! Vicky
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01/30/06 12:19 AM GMT
i really like the colors and the mood of this image, great job.
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01/30/06 2:01 AM GMT
I love copper ! It's warm & welcoming....& the color in your image is too. Beautiful & very original & creative. But it honestly reminds me more of chocolate....must have it on the brain, huh ?!! Really nice work, Larry, as always.
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01/30/06 4:34 AM GMT
Very nice job here.. very very nice.. keep it up. :o)


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02/02/06 5:32 AM GMT
COOL!!! I keep trying to come up with something else to say, but that one word just continues to repeat over and over in my head. It is just too cool. It immediately became my desktop when I saw it. I just can't stop looking at it and discovering a new texture or detail.
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02/04/06 1:30 AM GMT
Extremely hypnotic very nice creation.
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02/04/06 2:32 PM GMT
beautiful pulls you in
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02/05/06 7:44 PM GMT
very cool. i like it a lot
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02/24/06 6:40 AM GMT
Fantastic image. Keep it coming.
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09/05/19 5:31 PM GMT
Miss you, Larry...fabulous fractal here...faved.
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