Signal Station Arch  

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Uploaded: 08/09/04 3:29 PM GMT
Signal Station Arch
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Sunset viewed through an arch in the ruins of an 18th century British signal station. Built inside a harbor in Antigua it was defended by and coordinated the actions of two fortresses which still stand today on the headlands in the photo.


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08/09/04 3:45 PM GMT
Awesome capture, The lights and the contrast are great!

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08/09/04 3:46 PM GMT
Great shot!
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08/09/04 8:35 PM GMT
What a fantastic shot... love the way the ocean is framed... beautiful view, great lighting.. i love this one.. J
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Here nothing, see nothing, speak nothing.. that way noone gets hurt.....
08/10/04 12:19 AM GMT
Absolutely amazing framing (and a beautiful setting - wish I were there!)
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<you know sometimes the emulsion saw what you dreamed>
08/10/04 3:08 AM GMT
Very impressive. Such a brilliant shot. Well done Regmar.
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08/10/04 4:19 AM GMT
Excellent capture, agree with Puma.
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08/10/04 7:35 AM GMT
Wonderful capture Regmar. The framing, the lighting and the trees in the foreground make this a classic. In my fav's on my HD ,straight 10 & thank you. :))
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Always, Mimi
08/10/04 1:54 PM GMT
Excellent shot - the light on the water has almost a moonlit feel to it. A very atmospheric shot, beautifully framed :-)
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08/16/04 6:35 PM GMT
Awesome! 10/10 and faves! Nice to hear a little history too...I just love this one, the darkness and contrasts is so nice..Good job!
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"My own favourite "
08/23/04 12:31 AM GMT
Thats a superb composition, the trees and headlands seem just right like something from a story book.
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10/14/04 3:01 PM GMT
I love your descriptions Regmar. And of course that photo is very splendid done. Highest marks. Keep on a good work.
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The Artist Formerly Known as B1aze!
12/16/04 2:25 PM GMT
Tremendous the framing and the lighting...nice!

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01/05/05 2:50 AM GMT
The composition is amazing dude. It looks almost magical as if in a far away place. Really good!
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02/27/05 4:34 AM GMT
such a great shot, oh man this is like incredible, so inspirational, so fine and peaceful, and the reflection of light works so well with the brilliance and the cave. I've been looking for this kind of shot, it does not come everyday. I asked myself when I saw the preview, "Is that, is that what i think it is? Is that a cave? Could it be?" and yes it is exactly. everything
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Admiration Everybody
05/02/05 10:38 PM GMT
Very a way, the whole image looks like a mushroom cloud..
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---- If the world didn't suck, we would all fall off.. ....................Gothic Mist ----
05/10/05 1:46 PM GMT
Awesome framing of this one!
I also have a soft spot for the reflections on the water.
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I'm walking on sunshine! AcrossTheWorld
05/20/05 11:31 AM GMT
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09/27/05 6:02 PM GMT
A little dark for my tastes, but what can ya do? It's an interesting shot though.
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-=Pride is not a sin=-
11/21/05 2:18 PM GMT
awesome, wonderful, beautiful and unique. i love the soft tones, and the view. it invites to stand over there, and enjoy it....great touching feeling. Congrats!!
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12/20/05 12:57 AM GMT
This will have to go in my favorites. This is spectacular!! What grand beauty you have captured. I bet this was awesom to see in person. Great work
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"Holy, holy, holy is the lord God Almighty - the one who always was, who is, and who is still to come."
01/06/06 10:50 PM GMT
Most wonderful picture I ever seen.
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02/27/07 10:53 PM GMT
This capture is so perfect I honestly thought it was computer generated. well done , you did such a great job
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we live to survive our paradoxes
02/27/07 10:56 PM GMT
Truly remarkable camera work on this capture.Thanks for sharing.................Jim
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12/18/08 3:32 PM GMT
Love it. The archway makes for a great frame of this great water shot with some really nice silhouettes. Thanks for sharing.
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God has created fantastic beauty for us to photograph and fantastic photographers to bring out that beauty in unique ways.
09/23/09 3:11 AM GMT
Just found this one and had to let you know how much I like it!!! Faved! :) Steve
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