Rolling Thunderheads  

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Uploaded: 09/28/07 4:22 PM GMT
Rolling Thunderheads
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Another one of my cloud photos that I wanted to share with you.


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09/28/07 5:45 PM GMT
POWERFUL and beautiful! Nice capture!
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09/28/07 7:06 PM GMT
Wonderful and big clouds,awesome with no doubts,superb photo.
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09/29/07 12:27 AM GMT
I've enjoyed all of your cloud pictures. This one is no exception. You've got me looking up all the time now!!

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09/29/07 5:41 AM GMT
~ Love it, great capture!
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09/30/07 6:54 AM GMT
Can almost smell the rain coming in! Nice capture! I wasnt sure about the trees to the side at first but after taking more time looking at it I think it really does the picture nicely. Great work!
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10/01/07 9:11 PM GMT
It is wonderful - you can see the vertical depth (the 3D effect)
of the clouds. With that tree in front this photo looks fantastic!
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10/09/07 8:24 AM GMT
This is amazing Rita, I love cloud pics and you've done such a great job. It could almost be a painting - and I agree that the tree really makes it.
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10/10/07 7:45 PM GMT
I really like this one Rita. I like cloud pictures also, but I can never seem to get it to turn out like I see it. You did with this one. Like the way tree helps frame photo. Good shot.

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12/02/07 9:50 PM GMT
Those clouds look awsome. Very nice shot.

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