Serci i/ii  

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Uploaded: 02/10/08 9:06 PM GMT
Serci i/ii
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The citizens of Rome are rather dismissive of the city's imperial ruins and they sometimes refer to the monuments remains as "serci", which means something like "pieces of stone" in the local dialect. The colums in the front belong to the temple of Venus, seen from the north side of the forum. Info: Canon 350D+Sigma 18-200@72mm


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02/10/08 9:40 PM GMT
Very nice view
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02/10/08 9:45 PM GMT
Like the composition and the detail is very good.
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02/10/08 10:28 PM GMT
Great shot! That's one spot I would love to make it to soon. You certainly captured the feel of being there.
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02/10/08 10:54 PM GMT
Unique view! Nice shot!
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02/11/08 3:58 AM GMT
Some day, I will visit that place!
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"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings" -Optimus Prime
02/11/08 6:53 AM GMT
This is a great shot of the colloseum. Very different to the ones I took which are very touristy!!
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02/11/08 6:54 AM GMT
It's a very beautiful picture, but did you manipulate something about the pillars?
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02/11/08 1:15 PM GMT
Thanks to all that have commented so far. Here is the response to the question of Plinius:
The image was shot with the sun almost in front (look at the shadows). In order to balance the brightness of the picture, I "developed" the raw image twice, once at +1 and once at -1, and then combined them using layers masking. This creates some halo, but I personally find that it's not excessive.
Long explanation. You learn by experience and what I learnt here was: if you ever go to photograph the forum in Rome, do NOT go in the early morning, you have a much better light in the afternoon. Unfortunately, in this case I have learnt it too late.
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02/11/08 3:33 PM GMT

This is a great shot, but may you delete the birds? I think is a distraction in a very nice view
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02/11/08 6:55 PM GMT
Nice job with the lighting. The detail is shown well, and I like the starkness of the stone against the sky.
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02/16/08 7:02 AM GMT
No no no...don't get rid of the birds. I haven't a clue as to what you explained in the comment above in response to Plinius, but whatever you did, the picture turned out great. I love the lighting on the pillars. I was in Rome in 1995, but didn't get to see this up close. The area was closed off for some reason that day. Bummer.

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Imagine you are there
07/29/08 4:45 PM GMT
lovely arrangement of lines and (the ) circle. a unique view of this well known site.
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